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The motoring and the american movies

The motoring looks important in the American films. Even James Cameron has included a car in his masterpiece, Titanic. What about the others movies?

I'm used to watching the French classic movies even I grew up by discovering the American movies in the 1990s. I know the importance of the motoring in American movies. If I ask you to describe 'Back to the Future' in one word, you would say me 'DeLorean'. Another funny (or sad fact), I've never seen Fast and Furious.

However, some american movies are really genious. There are some sports comedy films which you laugh again and again because it's simply unreal to watch some unexpected cars. If you appreciate the humour of Mike Myers, Will Ferrel and Adam McKay, you're at the right place at the right time. Here we go to discover some automotive heroes which have an iconic role in the American movies.

Austin Powers Saga (1997, 1999 and 2001) :

I was surprised by reading those movies was produced by an American guy. Mike Myers, the British and Canadian actor who played Austin Power, a goofy photographer and a secret spy, behaves like a serial lover and a crazy chap with ladies. Like Johnny English, he needs to work with smart and stylish women. The three movies are known as being parodies of James Bond adventures. One of the interesting things is the motoring aspect. If you are curious, you've seen the original number plates ("SWINGER", "SWINGER2", "SWNGR 3" and "GR8SHAG"), which reflect the madness of our British spy.

The two 'Shaguars' models are a Jaguar E-Type and a Jaguar XK8 convertible. Between those cars, Austin Power travels between two differents motoring eras. The 'rainbow' new Beetle and the 'Union Jack' Mini Austin (and not Mini-me) give us to an amazing vision of the original and the modern models and how those cars have evolved in our society. What are the differences between the 1960s and the 2000s? It's really interesting in noticing two different motoring philosophies.

Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby (2006)

Directed by Adam McKay, Will Ferrel plays the American typical racer by winning the NASCAR, the most representative motoring race in the US. More than the cars, the funniest thing is the introduction of a French Formula 1 gay pilot, Jean Girard aka Sacha Baron Cohen. You failed your driving license. Try to conduct with an inspector and ... a cougar at the back of your car. If I had thought to do it before failing my first attempts to pass my driving tests!

As a French lady, I was afraid of whatching how a British actor interpreted a French pilot . Finally, it's absolutely hilarious. I can't resist to listen to the music (or hymn) of the movie and remind me the end. The real and pure fans of NASCAR do not appreciate it.

The other guys (2010)

Will Ferrel is a former member of the Saturday Night Live (SNL). He is inspired by his experiences and the clichés of the American movies. He's not a kind of James Dean or Dwayne Johnson but he likes playing with that. In the movie, Mark Walberg and Ferrel interpret a duo influenced by the TV show Starky and Hutch. What's the car our heroes drive during their adventures?

The star of the film is a Toyota Prius! I'm sure Jeremy Clarkson don't like that. Our car represents perfectly the character of Will Ferrel, Allen Gamble, a quiet man who marries a perfect woman played by Eva Mendes. Unfortunately, his life is disturbed by a businessman, Sir David Ershon. I can't tell you the story. If you've already watched the movie, you understand me and know how the Toyota Prius is so important. The electric cars can be automotive heroes too.

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