The motoring world's reaction to the crazy Tesla Roadster release

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It's not often that the motoring industry is taken completely by surprise by a car release. And yet during Tesla's unveiling of its fully electric semi truck last night, Elon Musk had the onlookers gasping at the company's hidden secret - the rekindling of the Tesla Roadster.

The true shock factor came in the shape of the performance stats quoted by Musk; 0-60mph in 1.9 seconds, 0-100mph in 4.2 seconds and a top speed of over 250mph. Tesla has claimed it to be 'the quickest car in the world' and if these stats are to be believed, it could take that title when released in 2020.

The internet has predictably gone a little crazy, with some motoring journalists jumping firmly onto the hype train, but with others slamming Musk for yet another brash statement that could be a blot on Tesla's currently struggling reputation.

To kick things off, Sam Sheehan of Autocar expressed the need for Tesla to make a similar car a little more affordable:

Mr Chris Harris on the other hand hasn't taken well to the Tesla unveiling, doubting the company's ability to convert this hype into something tangible. And he's not the only one:

Ex-EVO writer Dan Prosser confessed his allegiances towards something with more of a motorsport background.

Andrew Brady (Motoring Research) doesn't seem to be bothered by the potentially world-beating EV in the slightest:

To conclude, it seems the majority of journalists haven't taken to the new Tesla Roadster kindly, displaying a 'we've seen this kind of sh*t before' attitude. There seems to be overriding doubts as to whether Musk and his engineers can actually put such a car into production.

The top speed of over 250mph is just as impressive as the acceleration stats, considering most EVs run out of puff after a ferocious bout of acceleration. If Tesla can back up these claims then it will be a huge leap forward for EVs and the whole industry itself. The internal combustion engine is very much being left behind by the electric motor but - as it stands - the majority of the motoring world isn't quite convinced yet.

What do you think of Elon Musk's claims? Do you think Tesla can actually put such a monstrous sportscar into production or is it simply a sensationalist piece of propaganda from the Empire of Elon? Tell us what you think in the comments below!

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Comments (23)
  • Tesla is a rent seeking house of cards, EVs are not fit for anything more than some city based, short run use, the technology to make them anything more is some way off (if ever), the supposed benefits of EVs is marginal at best and is driven by the ideological zealots that want to feel good rather than actually make a difference

    9 months ago
  • First of all, I can't list how many times motoring journalist get it totally wrong about motoring and vehicle products let alone Tesla products! We were all witness to the Jeremy Charles Robert Clarkson and the Top Gear debacle, now he is against driverless cars! That kind of nonsense is a discredit to journalism! The salient consumer facts are that everyone purchases the vehicle which best serves his or her transportation needs and financial resources! I have loved and owned several TVR’s, beginning with the TVR 450 SE ending with the TVR Typhon! My neighbours in Highgate hated those cars, especially at 3:00 AM after a night out in the Westend! The Tesla Roadster is an amazing product and I am one of those who wishes Tesla success in this area in quite unrelenting electric power, needless to say, I do not agree with Mr Clarkson and neither do I believe him and did not believe his diatribe about the original Lotus-based Tesla Roadster his Top Gear team allegedly tested, or staged failure as Tesla exposed! That was not journalism, it was in fact just Bull¢£1T and a discredit to all journalist alike! After the Clarkson nonsense, why would any automotive manufacture trust their valuable product and reputation to automotive product after that Bull$#-iT hacks like the Clarkson team…? The Tesla team need not heed Mr Clarkson, only their potential client sustainable automotive needs, they are ultimately the ones who will be purchasing the product, not the Top Gear team who are not car aficionado, they are entertainers, were they serious automotive journalists they would evaluate the vehicle purely on its potential merits, reserve judgment until they can test one, but simply lambasting a product prior to obtaining salient factual analyses is idiocy! Further, while Tesla did not prevail in their libel action against the BBC Program Top Gear in the British court’s, they did win in the court of public opinion, demonstrated in the absolute windfall of Model 3 orders received, and the growing volume of Model S and X sold outdated, each same a vote in favour of sustainable transport. With the release of the new Tesla Roadster, Mr Musk and his team are vindicated and herald the beginning of sustainable transportation, a laudable goal of a futurist and engineer! While Elon was creating his dreams the only thing Mr Clarkson has created his automotive chaos and doubt in his credibility! The new Tesla Roadster ends the debate about the efficiency and sustainability of electric transportation and that is fantastic for automotive journalism and the automobile purchasing public at large!

    1 year ago


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