The Muscle Buell

Big American engine, lots of chrome and a bulky body: everything on this bike looks like is coming from a 70s muscle car.

2y ago

It started like a Buell X1 but now its name could BE Buell RT, Buell Six Pack, Buell GTO, Buell SS...because there's the flavour of the restomod old V8s in this thing.

This is probably the tenth or more Buell we've put our hands on. It's always a stimulating work, that can be both easy and hard. Let me explain this strange concept.

Easy because these bikes were born with a unique approach and are special models from the beginning, the less stock-looking naked on the market.

Hard because when a product has such a strong caracter you've to be very careful not to lose it while working on the bike.

This time the task was to take an X1 a give it some more spice but without losing its original soul.

We made tons of drawings to reach a good starting point: we decided to remove the stock front end and go for a more effective unit coming from a Mv Brutale.

Than we decided to swap the stock rear end with a fully custom built rear frame that works as oil tank in addiction.

The tank cover has been modified with a couple of fake air-intakes and a two-tone color scheme that looks like one of those menacing bonnets from a golden era muscle car.

The area I like the most (and that's not because i designed it) is the right side: the new big air filter and the belly pan really enhance the look of the 1200 engine. They have been covered in a matt black not to stand out too much ma to give them a more "technical" allure.

Both these parts have been built from scratch: the airbox shape is designed to match the lines of the trelly frame and embodies a more "classic" racing-style air filter.

The belly pan embraces the under-side of the engine and follows perfectly the shape of the pickup and of the new racing headers. It also covers part of the new stainless teel Supertrapp muffler.

The stock shock has been replaced with a more conventional unit that is actuated through a new linkage. This is a really common work on the X1 and it improves a lot the overall look imho.

The tail section is painted in matt black and presents a squared design that is linked to the one of the fuel tank. The saddle shares the same simple and sleek language.

Here you have a look of the air intakes on the fuel tank cover. Although they're not actually working i think they're pretty cool!.

The 3d Logo is covered in a dark chrome finish that works brilliantly with all the others shiny components.

The left side shows another custom built part: the air intake for the rear cilynder cooling. It shares a specular shape of the airbox you can find on the opposite side but, due to its different function, it has a bigger opening and a smaller width.

Once leaning on its original lateral bike stand the bike look even more badass. The bull-dog style layout of all Bueel models is even meaner thanks to our cure!

This X1 is another effective incarnation of our "stock-special" philosophy: a new look, better performance but in an understandable and consistent way.

The headlight is still round but now shows off a new full led system while the small fairing look very similar to the stock element but is made in aluminium from sratch and has a small bulk on the left where the stock one is on the right. The devil is in the details..

And speaking of details check the fantastic super micro instrument panel by Motogadget...

..and the new Discacciati brake system.

The front view is really scary and the asimmetric design is a really great feature. Form follows function so every part has its task and its proper look.

Can't wait to see this bad girl out on the streets! We're receiving lots of request for some parts we tried on this project so maybe we'll see something similar in the future?

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