The mustang Bullitt​ is hidden in plain sight

The subtle performance mustang

4y ago

Special editions of cars are built to stand out from their peers. They ensure you will be easy to spot in a line of similar models, showing the world that your extra money bought an extra special product.The Ford Mustang has an endless amount of special editions and trim levels from the factory or third party tuners, each of them is designed to add extra performance but more importantly, distinguish your car from the crowds of lower level peers. However, the Mustang Bullitt broke this trend in 2008, built to blend into the crowd and reveal itself to true car enthusiasts.

The 2008 Mustang Bullitt was built to commemorate the 40th anniversary of the car chase from the Movie Bullitt, which featured a Green Mustang Fastback driven by Steve McQueen in a chase against a Dodge Charger. This car chase is deemed by many to be one of the most exciting chases in history and laid the groundwork for many modern scenes we see today.

The 2008 Mustang Bullitt may not be subtle by normal car standards but in the world of Mustangs, it’s almost invisible. It lacks the racing stripes of a Shelby, or even the GT badges signifying true V8 power, and if you didn’t know Mustangs it could be confused with a base model V6 when parked. Some observers may just see a Green Mustang and not even notice how special it is or its relation to one of the greatest movie car chases in History.

That’s what makes the Mustang Bullitt such a special car, its beautiful to the people who matter. True car enthusiasts will love the British Racing Green paint, the lack of wings that accentuate the clean silhouette, and the blacked out grill. This clean appearance hides the Ford Performance Exhaust system and the performance cams that add more power and a higher redline. With a history that harkens back to Steve McQueen, the Mustang Bullitt is perfect for those who want a special Mustang without the Shouty “look at me” exterior.

Today the Mustang Bullitt is a performance bargain with a great story and heritage. For under $20,000 you can get a clean example with less than 40,000 miles. This car isn’t guaranteed to become a future classic but with lower production numbers of just over 6,000, and a strong heritage it’s highly possible.

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