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The Mustang Mach-E is an insult to enthusiasts

Why are we even doing this? Why do we pretend?

1y ago

I really wish Ford would have made it easy to like the Mach-E. Electric Mustang? Sure, it's the future, why not. But this- I just can't stand it.

The Mach-E isn't a Mustang. It isn't now, and it never will be. It's a marketing strategy to get Ford's most iconic nameplate associated with the type of cars people are buying now (crossovers) and the type they'll be buying in the future (electric).

What makes a Mustang? It's a low-slung two door with an aggressive face. It's rear wheel drive, it's loud, and it's rarely seen not bathed in tire smoke. It's impractical, cheap, and instantly recognizable.

The Mach-E is not a singe one of these things. It's unnecessarily tall to accommodate the crossover craze. It's got too many doors for the same reason. It's all wheel drive. (Yes, I know they will make RWD models, but nobody is going to buy those. They're the slowest ones anyway.) It is not loud. Good luck ripping an AWD burnout. It's a disgustingly practical, domestic machine. The cheapest Mach-E is $17,000 more expensive than the cheapest proper Mustang. Even if you qualify for the full electric vehicle tax credit here in the US, it's still more than a $10k difference.

The styling may be the worst sin. A Mustang is always recognizable. Yet, before us stands a dollar-store brand Tesla Model X wearing the Mustang badge.

The Mach-E is the cheesy sequel-to-a-sequel of every blockbuster movie we've ever seen. You know there's no way it can live up to the first or second movie, but you still find yourself wondering what happens this time.

The Mach-E is the fourth farewell tour nobody asked for of that one guy that had that one famous song in the 80's, you're pretty sure. Or was it the 70's?

But here's the really frustrating part.

It's going to sell. Ford won't be able to make enough of these things. The end of any real meaning to the Mustang badge will come in 2020.

I'm not even an electric vehicle hater. I wish that Ford had done this correctly. A proper electric Mustang would be fantastic. It's clear that electric motors can turn some vehicles into an absolute animal. The Chevrolet eCOPO Camaro is incredible, and I'd love to see a street legal version.

This is what we need more of, if we want people excited about electric vehicles: the same design principles that made every generation fall in love with cars. It's hard to get excited about something your mom will use to buy groceries and take your little sister to karate practice, something that will go it's entire life without the right pedal touching the floor.

But instead of creating a Shelby eGT350, or even an EcoBoost Hybrid Mustang, Ford has chosen to throw away 55 years of Mustang tradition. The marketing and engineering teams at Ford have taken the proud, powerful purebred steed- and selectively bred it into a life of complacency as a family-friendly petting zoo miniature pony.

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Comments (12)

  • Yes sir you are correct!

      1 year ago
  • Why do they assume car fans are going to buy a sprog mover that can traverse a speed hump better than a normal car, just by adding the name of a popular sporty car from the past on the back. They should have called this Ford the Gretta

      1 year ago
  • I have never felt more agreement in my entire life. You have done a great service to the world

      1 year ago
  • I still like it more than the Mach 2 Mustang. Now THAT was a woeful car.

    Great article, mate!

      1 year ago
  • Let's not forget this atrocity

      1 year ago