The Mustang Mach-E looks amazing in classic Ford motorsport liveries

If McRae drove a Mach-E...

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The Ford Mustang Mach-E has certainly been one of the most divisive cars of 2020. We've already argued that Ford using the Mustang name was a masterstroke – but then we wondered how it'd fit into the Blue Oval's rich Mustang heritage.

I say we wondered. What we actually did was immediately imagine it festooned with some of Ford's most iconic racing liveries. So here we are: the Ford Mustang Mach-E reimagined in some fancy colours. Oh yes. Here are the DriveTribe motorsport re-imaginings of the Mach-E.

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You had to do a Gulf one didn't you?

Yes. And we quite like it. One day I imagine we'll see full EVs howling around Le Mans for the full 24 hours – we're some way off, but given how quickly battery tech is advancing it might not be as far away as you think.

EV rally cars need to be a thing

Arguably the most iconic rally car of the 00s, the Martini-liveried Ford Focus RS didn't actually net Colin McRae a WRC world championship, but it definitely propelled him to global fame. Who doesn't remember him rolling it, then carrying on as if nothing had happened? Electric rally cars are surely on the horizon, though we can only imagine what spectator crowd control will need to be like to get people out the way of near-silent off-road missiles.

Here's a modern Le Mans legend

When Ford introduced its new, turbocharged, V6-powered Ford GT it made no bones about the fact that it was a race car first and a road car second. Luckily the car's performance at its first Le Mans 24 Hour race sealed its place in history – it won its class on the 50th anniversary of the original car's 1966 victory. The World Endurance Championship's opening up to more extreme, petrol-powered hypercars next year, but we think there's a place in the future for long-distance electric racing.

Want a Mustang of your own?

Sure, it's not a Mach-E, but this Lego Speed Champions Mustang is just over £10 and is the perfect pre-Xmas treat to yourself. Check it out.

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