The Mustang of tomorrow- The Ford Mach-E

Does it live up to the hype?

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My first impression of a Ford was in 2005 when my granddad bought the Ford Ikon which came with a 1.3L 90bhp petrol engine. It was second to none. A class apart in the family sedan segment. I remember being impressed by the modern styling and the second row space that car had.

The Ikon though quickly wore off my mind when I learnt about Ford's ultimate party piece, a true American racing icon- the Mustang. A massive V8 in the front with the power being sent to the rear wheels. The Mustang was all about being reckless and grabbing eyeballs.

As years went by and I saw newer versions of this galloping pony I was certain that no other muscle could possibly come close to the heritage crafted by the Ford Mustang. As a naive child, I was also certain that as years went by the Mustang would keep its iconic aggressive front and the car would keep getting bigger and louder. The only question that left me puzzled me was how would Ford push the Mustang brand forward.

My childhood prophecy has partially come true. The Mustang has definitely become bigger but also gotten quieter. In fact, the new Mustang is too big and completely silent.

The need of the hour

Ford started working on their E-SUV roughly 2 years ago. The first mules were spotted in August earlier this year. Flying rumours said that Ford's first E-SUV will be based on the Mustang. I could feel my inner child hoping that Ford wouldn't take my favourite candy away.

But that's the thing about children, it's easy to lure them with something better.

The All New Mustang Mach-E

At first glance, the Mach-E seemed like a terrible idea. The styling did not impress me nor did the name leave much of an impression. A couple of days in however, I decided to give the pony a real chance.

On paper the Mach-E is specced to go up against the best in the mid-sized E-SUV segment. Excluding the government grant of $7500, this all-electric SUV has 5 variants with prices ranging between $44,000- $60,500 for the Select and GT variants respectively.

Beneath the streamline body, the Mach-E will come with both RWD and AWD options. Using a single motor on the rear axle, the RWD will have options starting from 255HP and 306 ft lbs of torque. The GT versions will have AWD only and will use motors on the rear and front axles with a power output of 332 HP and 417 ft lbs of torque. Top models will target 0-60 mph in 3 seconds.

The standard variant will have a 75.7 kWh lithium-ion battery which will give a range of 210 miles. The extended range variant will be able to do 300 miles with a 98.8 kWh lithium ion battery. This puts the Mach-E in the same range as a Tesla Model Y which has a claimed range of 230-300 miles.

For those with range anxiety, the Mustang will come with 2 charging options. A fast DC charger will give an additional range of 47 miles every 10 minutes. On the standard battery variant, expect the charging to go from 10% to 80% in about 40 minutes.

Is this candy bar good enough?

The "Mustang" is associated with one of the richest racing heritage in all of automotive history. Ford has made an effort to use this legacy to promote conservation and open the road to a brighter future.

I am still not entirely convinced about this vegan candy bar. But, I guess it is important to adapt to a few healthy changes in our daily routine to get recklessly drunk on vacation.

Electric cars on road will mean that gasoline vehicles can stick around for a little longer. Maybe not on road but definitely on race tracks. With that in mind I will give the Ford Mustang Mach-E a rating of:

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  • Ford could have called it anything else and I wouldn’t have a problem with it. Because of this and the fact that they have abandoned cars in favor of trucks and SUV’s Ford is dead to me. I will never own another Ford product.

      8 months ago
    • That's a strong statement

        8 months ago
    • What else can I say? I’m a driver. One that prefers cars. Ford no longer offers anything that I am interested in owning. Least of all that THING they’re trying to call a Mustang.

        8 months ago
  • it's ugl-e in my opinion ;)

      8 months ago