t​he my garage tournament- end of round 4

w​ho will continue to the final?

4w ago

B​attle 1- the legends

M​claren F1 against the Porsche Carrera GT, the McLaren had dominated each battle so far fending of everything I put against it, can it continue? This is very different to the Porsche that was actually knocked out in round 1 by the Lexus LFA only to be brought back through the wildcard vote, who would have known it would have made it this far? But the dominant F1 takes the win at 71% for its place in the final.

B​attle 2- the supercars

W​ho will face the McLaren F1 in the final? The Lexus LFA or the Ferrari 488 pista? Both these cars have dominated there respective battles meaning this promised to be a close one, by the end the vote for the winning car was just 58% but who was it? Perfection in the form of a car takes it once again, the Lexus LFA gets a well deserved spot in the final, can it beat the mighty F1 though?

W​hats next?

T​he final will take place tomorrow, the Lexus LFA will take on the titan that is the McLaren F1 for the crown. I can't wait to see which one takes the win so make sure to get your vote in!

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  • i can’t wait to see who wins

      6 days ago