The New 2022 Honda Civic Type-R Spotted for the First Time

The new 2022 Honda Civic Type-R spotted for the first time in camouflage

1w ago


The next generation of the Honda Civic Type-R is likely going to be arriving in our showrooms in 2022 but it has already been spotted being tested on the roads of Germany.

The hot hatchback was spotted on the roads near the Nürburgring and is seen being tested even before the normal Mk 11 Civic which will probably arrive at the same time. Unlike the current generation Honda Civic, this model doesn't appear to be much different to its predecessor with the large rear wing remaining. However, it does look like that maybe there aren't going to be any more central exhaust pipes although that could just be on this test car.

Some other smaller changes have also been made like for example the rear wing seems to be mounted at the top and the smaller lip spoiler on the bootlid appears to be smaller than before. More noticeably, the rear lights look different and the headlights have been lowered slightly.

Not only that but the new Civic could possibly receive a hybrid engine to meet the electrification plans that Honda has put in place in order to make all sales in Europe electrified by the year 2025.

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  • Looks like a Beamer

      13 days ago
  • It looks a little less over styled than the last one and that’s good.

      13 days ago