The new Audi E-Tron at the the Bright Festival in Florence_

Audi Firenze will introduce the new all-electric E-Tron at the Bright Festival in Florence. The event will last two days (two weekends from now) and will focus on digital art, lighting design, electronic music and innovation and virtual experience.

There are two locations for the event.

One is Stazione Leopolda. Originally opened in 1848, the station remained active until 1860 because in the meantime the central station had kept on growing at a fast rate, becoming increasingly important, both strategically and commercially.

The Leopolda is the oldest train station in Florence and today, after being remodelled and well-maintained over the years, it serves a venue for meetings and events.

The other location is The Student Hotel, a recently opened contemporary hotel near the old "Fortezza da Basso" (the location of Pitti Immagine, one of the two most important fashion events in Italy) that features its own barber shop, a bike shop and a rooftop bar and swimming pool among other things.

ph credit for the car: Audi Firenze

ph credit for the venues: Bright Festival pressroom