The New Bentley Continental Mulliner: Is it really worth the extra?

The jury is undecided.

22w ago

There is a current trend of resurrecting an emotional old name to create a new 'brand'. And no, I'm not talking about models like Fiat 500 or the Ford Mustang, I'm talking about a whole brand. Aston Martin has tried to bring back Lagonda a few times and Mercedes keeps pulling Maybach out. This always puzzles me, because these are premium brands, and yet they are seemingly not premium enough.

And Bentley recently announced that they were bringing back 'Mulliner', and old coachbuilding company that will be used to flog a few limited edition cars. So, in case you happen to be a rich golfer who wants a car slightly more flashy than your mates boggo Continental GT, we better look into it!

So what exactly is it? Well, this car sits in between the ultra rare, ultra luxurious Bentley Mulliner Bacalar, and the slightly less rare and luxurious Bentley Continental GT. It's name is this... 'The Bentley Continental GT Mulliner'.

What are the differences?

Well, on the face of it... not much! It gets some exclusive new 22 inch alloys, the wing mirrors are now satin silver, and apparently the front now features a 'double diamond matrix grille'. It also gets unique self levelling centre caps, which I would be excited about. Except for the fact that I just found out you can now get them on a 5 Series. It's very little to pay an extra £70 grand for!

But this is a car that can't really be justified by statistics or figures or specs. The fact is, this car will take years to make. The embroidery alone will take a single man 18 months of his life. This car can literally be made into anything you want, if you have the pockets for it. There are 88 standard interior veneers, over 400,000 stitches, floor mats edged with micro piping to match the colour scheme you pick!

When you consider that the car in the pictures is the base, the one that the customers adds their own flair too, it starts seemingly like an appealing prospect. An appealing prospect that will still beat the 911 your poor friend is driving!

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