The new BMW M5 Competition Package is coming

1y ago


With the dust barely settled on the reviews of the 2018 BMW M5, you’d think that the new Bavarian king of super-saloons with its 592bhp 4.4-litre turbocharged V8 and all-wheel-drive would be enough to satisfy the M badge fans around the world.

The all new 'standard' M5

Not according to BMW it’s not. As when Road and Track spoke to M Division boss Frank Van Meel at the recent L.A. Auto Show about the possibility of a future M5 CS, Van Meel stated: “We don't have an M5 Competition today, so that might be an interesting question first before you look at the CS."

As the report confirms that around 80 percent of M3’s and M4’s sold are specced with the Competition Pack, meaning that the demand from customers is there. To add further fuel to the fire, BMW M3 CS product manager Sebastian Maier added that a hotter version of the new M5 is “closer than you’d think.” Which is BMW speak for ‘we are making it, just let us get it ready.’

The last of the previous generation M5 Competition Package, we like this car a lot

As usual with all of the Comp Pack models, you can expect a power bump of 20bhp or thereabouts, some tweaks to the chassis including damper adjustments and ceramic brakes along with special wheels, so the world knows you’re driving the faster model. All of which will cost several thousand more than the £89,640 base price of the standard model while cutting the 0-62mph dash time by around a tenth of a second.

Would you be excited to see a hotter version of the already insanely quick M5? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.