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The new BMW M5 - Five of the coolest details we've found so far

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These past few days I've been on an extended road trip in the new BMW M5. The main headline is that it's the first M5 to feature four-wheel drive among an array of new features.

So far I have driven the M5 on track and completed a 350-mile road trip taking in Wales, England and Scotland in one day. The full verdict on the car (and the trip) will follow early next week.

After spending some serious time with this super-saloon here are five of the coolest details I’ve noted so far...

Red means go.......Faster

The inside of the M5 could be described as a bit of a tech-fest. One simple thing though is the way you make it go faster, a whole lot faster.

Either side of the steering wheel are a pair of red buttons marked M1 and M2. If you want to switch the car into maximum attack mode, press the M2 button and everything switches into ‘Sport+’ mode while leaving you to decide how fast you want the gearshifts to happen.

When you’re done being bullet quick, a quick press of the M1 button takes you back to comfort mode allowing you to continue with your journey like a normal person.

Carbon fibre lowers weight and adds cool factor

For the F90 model M Division took into account any potential impact of the addition of a four-wheel drive system by ensuring the new one weighs in with a 15kg weight saving over the old model.

This process was helped with the addition of the carbon-fibre reinforced plastic roof panel, which while looking cool helps reduce weight and lower the cars centre of gravity.

If you’re feeling bold, you can also spec an optional M Carbon engine cover, which looks like an essential option to us despite the fact that no one can see it.

The M Sport exhaust adds brutality to the soundtrack

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Some of you have complained that BMW M Division cars sound muted when compared to their rivals. Complain no more as when fitted with the optional the new M5 sounds like a furious and bellowing thing.

In M Sport+ mode the exhaust makes an angry burbling sound under hard acceleration making the downshifts and lift-off produce magnificent pops and bangs, which is a terrific noise indeed.

More M5 Badges than you can shake a stick at

When designing the M5, BMW clearly wanted to make sure you know what car you’re driving.

Just in case there are M5 or M badges on the side flanks, the gearstick, front and rear panels, the door kick panels and even on the rev-counter – just to make sure you don’t forget that it’s an M5.

If this isn’t enough M Division for you, the seatbelts are emblazoned in the famous colours to further remind you.

The M Division bonnet bulge gives it menace

When driving the new M5, you are greeted with this view. A pair of triangular buttresses that are part of a bonnet bulge suggesting a certain level of menace lurks underneath that bonnet.

Add to this the side gills, the deep rear diffuser and broader arches, and it all comes together as a menacing looking piece of design.

What are your thoughts on the new M5? Let us know in the comments.

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