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The New BMW M850i Is Far From What You Thought, It's Better!

What happens when you take a M6, combine it with a Bentley Continental GT and add a dash of M3, well this is what you get except, it's better!

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It's not an M6 and it's not a Bentley and yet, it's not an M3. So, what is it?

I've never been a BMW enthusiast and yet, I was thrilled to see the M850i. My favourite range of BMW was the M6. Me being in plumerging shame that I preferred an M6 to an M3 I needed a car that would combine them both to satisfy my issues. But, when I was thinking of my perfect car back in 2018 I wanted something luxurious, yet fast. Something stunning from outside and inside and I must say with a chuckle, this is not what I thought I'd get, it's better. The real challenge for me however, was to find out: Where does the BMW 850i lie in the society of cars. Let's examine what we have. A fast, luxurious, long, fabulous and complex car. No, it isn't a limo, it could be a supercar and it could be a GT. Although the 850i not having the letters GT in it, this doesn't mean that it isn't a GT. I feel that the elegant 850i lies in the heart of the GT's. The interior standard is overwhelmingly high for BMW but yet, they elbowed their way to climb to the top and got a luxurious GT car. It is on the other hand much faster than the Gallardo but that's in the past. When I first saw the 850i, what didn't come to my head was luxury it was indeed speed and power. When I watched the Grand Tour when May was in the 850i I didn't root for it at all. It was more like a supercar but after having my car day out I was proved wrong, so incredibly embarrassingly wrong. And after taking a seat in the 850i, I fell in love.

The 850i

The 850i

When you look at it it looks like so many precious M cars in one!

It simply does. I can see all sorts there, a M6, an M3, an M5. It's all there. All the past legends as one. The rear doesn't exactly make me dribble and make me want one so, so, so bad! It is a fantastic rear end but compared to the front I now it can be so much better. It just looks like an M6 from this perspective. On the other hand, there is no ignoring the chunky, rumbling exhausts. It has a chunky rear end that makes you soil yourself if you were to be in a race with one. But despite its aggressive look, I love it but from the rear is it worth it. Well, yes. I'm not entitled to say that it's ugly because secretly I love it. It penetrates my heart and I know I said I didn't and you can whisper this, I want one. So, due to my very, very secret love for this thing, I already want one and plus, who wouldn't want a car that will make anyone with a modified Ford Focus want to run! It's equally as good from the front! It has those tiger headlights which always brings out that awful and aggressive side of me. The way that if you go head to head you must look at the driver while he revs the terrifying 850i. All this is coming from a BMW, not a Lamborghini or a Ferrari. Just your old pal who's going to obliterate anyone who attempts to stop you from winning that drag race. Usually this is where I would say 'but the interior makes up' but what BMW have done is made sure I can't say that. Now there is nothing to make up but on the interior it is absolutely breathtaking!

BMW 850i

BMW 850i

The only word worthy of explaining the 850i interior is supreme

I already knew about the 850i way before I went to BMW yesterday. I was absolutely demolished when I saw the interior at the BMW dealership. I couldn't believe the crystal gear stick or the crystal start/stop button. Let's start with the least exciting thing, the steering wheel. This was a very typical and boring BMW steering wheel. As much as I love the steering wheel it simply didn't blend in with the rest of it. So picture this, you are surrounded by luxury and all of a sudden you have a super sporty steering wheel. I love it but in this matter, I couldn't bare it. It was comforting however. As I sat down into the soft leather seats of the 850i I sank into it and in all honesty, I didn't want to get out... At all. The speedometer is so futuristic, I love it. You have all sort of controls to play around with. It had traction control but it could also set which way you would like to drive. Soft aggressive. You name it and it will all be there. You then have the electric seats and the fine metal paddle-shifters, but, there is no way in avoiding the centre console. It was brilliant, absolutely fantastic. The finely cut crystals that the gear stick was made out of and the same for the start/stop button, you feel like some sort of Greek God who is about to create a whole new universe. It is so exciting. Layer after layer you just found more stuff to play with. Now before we move onto the performance I'd like to just say a little negatives.

Can someone let me know what this crystal material is?

Can someone let me know what this crystal material is?

The 850i Interior

The 850i Interior

Every car has its annoyance and that applies to the 850i

To start of with the seats are very, very small in the back so you won't fit any children in there. I'm sorry. Second I know a lot of new BMWs have this but the annoying noise it makes when you open the door. It's handy when you don't shut the car properly but on the other hand, I had the door wide open and it was just going bleep, bleep, bleep, bleep. And then you're just sort of stood there like 'SHUT UP!'. Apart from these minor problems, the 850i is incredible and I love it. It delivers passion, pride and elegant luxury. It is for a great price too.

Key Notes

PRICE FROM: £71,840

LENGTH: 4,843mm

HEIGHT: 1,341mm



BOOT CAPACITY: 420 litres


BIK FROM: 36-37%






Brilliant car for a brilliant price. my new favourite bmw and my 3rd FAVORITE car. One word and that is supreme

Ben wetherall

Thank You For Reading. Merry Christmas And A Happy New Year. And As Always. Have A Great Day!

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