The new BMW Z4 GT3?

And this is not just a BMW Supra joke

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If you watched GT3 racing before you would have heard of a car called the BMW Z4 GT3, it is arguably the best sounding GT3 car ever and one of the most missed when BMW replaced it with the much more modern M6 GT3. But a few later in 2020, I think I have found the indirect successor to the Z4 GT3, and it races in Super GT, introducing the Saitama Toyopet GreenBrave's Supra GT300(that is a mouthful) and today I show you why it is awesome and why it is a modern Z4 GT3.

The old car first

Before I tell you about this new car, lets first take a look at the old car first before we talk about the new one and why it is so cool.

One of the coolest GT3 cars ever

One of the coolest GT3 cars ever

The car itself started life as a normal E89 BMW Z4, but has been heavily modified to the point that the car does not really share as much as the production car. For starters the roof has been replaced with a permanent hardtop on top of a FIA approved rollcage, engine wise the normal Z4's straight 6 did not quite cut the mustard and was replaced with a racing version of the E90 BMW M3's V8 that makes around 500hp depending on the FIA balance of performance, all of this was then mated to the standard race car treatment of stripping the car of all creature comforts and adorning it with the usual race car widebody and aero parts like wings and canards.

This Z4 has raced with a lot of success, with wins at the Spa 24 hours and Dubai 24 hours. The most iconic version of this car I feel, raced in Super GT and won the GT300 championship in 2011 with a Hatsune Miku livery

The new car

Now that you have a rough idea what the old car was like, lets take a look at the car I am saying is the indirect successor to the Z4, the car itself has a very long name, it is called the Saitama Toyopet GreenBrave's GR Supra GT300 and as you saw in the title, it looks like this before the 2020 Super GT season started

This car quickly grabbed attention as a deleted video of this car testing at Fuji speedway soon popped up around various websites with the center of attention being the very deep V8 sound coming from it. The car itself started out as a production GR Supra but was then stripped completely down to the chassis and rebuilt from there, after what is presumably a lot of work, this car now has a 5.0L V8 from a Lexus RC F GT3 car which has been tuned and has this very aggressive bodykit coupled with all the usual suspension and stuff that goes in a race car(there is not much info on it). What makes this car unique is that this car was made with no help from Toyota, it was all done by the team that runs it. Speaking of the team, the team is a Toyota dealership based in Saitama and some of the mechanics on the team are actually normal mechanics that work at the Toyota dealership. This team has previously raced in Super GT before where they fielded a Toyota Mark X before switching to the Supra in 2020

The old car

The old car

The new car

The new car

Why it is a modern Z4 GT3

The reason I say this like a modern version of the Z4 GT3 is because of how similar these 2 cars are, and it is not just because of the fact the modern Z4 and Supra share the same platform (who even uses that joke anymore?) but it is also because both are really similar. Both have V8s instead of a straight 6 and both race in GT3 (GT300 has GT3 cars) and lastly both sound amazing. Look there are differences, unlike the Z4, you cannot actually buy this car and probably would not comply to normal FIA GT3 regulations and can only race in Japan but they are incredibly similar as both sound awesome and have a cool factor of 11/10.

What do you think?

But enough of my opinion, what do you think of this car, the indirect Z4 successor? Or just a weird result of the Japanese rule book? Let me know your thoughts below.

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