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Ladies and Gentlemen I present to you.....a Theory! As always with James Bond there is a swarm of unanswered questions. What will the next Bond car look like? Will the next car be Aston? Will Daniel Craig stay as Bond for another couple of films? (The answer to that is yes but that is another article). But then there is The Big One: WHO will be the next Bond?

My Theory below.

So, the job application will probably look something like only more MI6'y (Yes I have just made that word up).

The Disguises:

Bond at times, is required to not be Bond. Sometimes he is required to be a devilishly good looking suited and booted English hunk. Other times he will need to Blend into his surroundings, see the images below as examples.

The Bond Girl:

A new Bond and Bond Girl go hand in hand just like....errm well exactly that. Now if you said to me right now "James, if you were Bond who would be your ideal Bond Girl?" Put on the spot I might take a moment to think whereas someone who has been told they ARE the next Bond wouldn't stutter and might come up with the name of his Bond Girl straight away.

A good example of this might be Richard Hammond's AMA last week. Richard was asked "If you were to play James Bond, Richard Hammond who would you like to have as your Bond girl?"

Hammond's response: "If I was to play James Bond, err as my Bond Girl I would choose err Angelina Jolie, yup!" Now, as i'm sure you will agree there is not much hesitation there at all.

The Expensive Car....Crashes:

Scenario: You're sitting at home or in the Cinema watching a Bond movie. At some point during the film you as a viewer expect two things. 1) Bond will drive a beautiful car. 2) Bond will crash a beautiful car (and survive obviously, otherwise there would be no story).

So, to summarise. The Bond application would best suit a Man or Women capable of driving expensive cars, capable of crashing expensive cars and capable or surviving. Good examples of this are the images below.

The Bond Car:

At this stage I'm going to be honest. This part of the article is mainly an excuse to look at some of the prettiest Bond cars to grace our screens so far. Looking at these also gives us hints about what the next Bond car could look like. Don't forget also, it wasn't always Aston Martin which means it doesn't necessarily have to be in the future either.

Now I'm sure by now u have seen Richard Hammond's AMA video from last week. If you haven't see the link below.

There is a point in the video where Richard unveils his new Lotus Esprit, as he does in his excitement he says "Oh yeah! That is a Lotus Esprit, I'm James Bond, It's all quite simple!"

The Summary:

So as sure you are now aware having read through this New Bond application/evidence; there is a massive finger pointing at the next Bond. He has been under all of our noses the whole time. I hadn't noticed until recently but Hammond seems to fit the bill quite well...

What do you think, would Hammond make it as Bond? If not Hammond do you have any evidence to suggest it could be someone else? Let me know in the comments.

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Comments (22)

  • I want may as new James Bond I think this would be funny

      3 years ago
    • Do you think you could handle the role? haha I think he'd play it very well!!

        3 years ago
    • Hagan Imagine a car chase with captian slow in a aston martin (I think the Cygnet would be the best for Mr James Bond/May

        3 years ago
  • James, I was really excited when I saw this article, because I thought you were going to write about the theoretical casting came up with during his chat the other day. Where all of us on chat were give parts. Now THAT is an article that needs to be written.

      3 years ago
    • Haha itโ€™s on my list! Has been for a while but I havenโ€™t got to writing it yet lol!

        3 years ago
    • Oh, good. That was too hilarious not to be shared somewhere.

        3 years ago
  • Bring on Tom Hardy!

      3 years ago
  • He did make that old Lotus Elite Bond Car Submarine thing on Top Gear once? Maybe is the next Bond?

      3 years ago
  • I forgot about that pic of Richard dressed up like a woman. Not so sure about casting him as Bond lol ... when he was out on the airplane wing with his knife saying "ok, let's dance " it didn't go very well lol....wait, now I sound like Jeremy!

      3 years ago