The new C8 Corvette makes way more power than Chevy says it does

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It looks as if the sandbagging trend on new, polarizing, cars continues.

Recently we all found out that the new Toyota Supra was a bit of a laugh when we saw the numbers from the factory. Toyota rated the car at 335hp/365lbft at the crank, but many have dyno tested it to be far better. That includes Car and Driver who tested it to a staggering 339hp/427lbft AT THE FREAKING WHEELS.

Everyone's opinion is different when it comes to wheel HP vs crank HP, but those numbers indicate that the Supra is likely pushing 375-390hp and 450-485lbft at the crank. Mind boggling.

But not to be outdone by everyone's favorite car to hate on this year, and to show that the Supra isn't the only one fooling us with the power figures, the C8 Corvette was just dyno tested by Motor Trend and hooooooooo boy is it a doozy.

Here are the exact numbers MT put up:

OEM rating – 495hp/470lbft at the crank

MY dyno rating – 558hp/515 at the wheels

Are you kidding me? Now MT does say that if we're assuming a 15 per cent drivetrain loss that would be 656/606 at the crank, but rear wheel drive mid-engined cars have far less drivetrain losses than most and at maximum you're looking at 12 per cent (note: every dyno is different so take this percentage with a massive grain of salt).

So, that means that Chevy is likely sandbagging the C8 by a scarcely believable 161hp and 136 lbft. That's almost and entire base Toyota Corolla on top. Now that we've gotten those figures out of the way, I'll now open up to floor to the commenters with degrees in dynomometry (not a real thing) to battle it out as to what it really makes at the crank. No matter what you say, 558 and 515 at the wheels is blistering and really puts a huge question on other mid-engined cars that are three times the price: why pay for anything else with this type of power?

It really does make you wonder, is there a new "gentleman's agreement" similar to the famous one Japan has in the 90s where nothing was over 276hp? Are companies doing this on purpose so we find out the real numbers and the hype builds even further? I'm honestly not sure and anything is pure speculation, but whatever way you slice it I'm extremely happy new sportscars are are throwing down massive numbers, making many haters eat their words.

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  • I read this on _______ " not saying where because I won't promote it" a few days ago. Shhhhhhhh!!!! Stop talking about it. Delete all refrences.... we don't want insurance companies catching wind. The less this is discussed and these rumors go away the better.

    17 days ago
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    • Insurance companies will probably start charging more if the car is any shade of red.

      17 days ago
      5 Bumps
  • What excites me about this is how much power the zo6 and zr1 will likely be making. If Chevy chose to be conservative with the stingray, they may just have an 800+ flat plane crank zo6 in the pipeline.

    17 days ago
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