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The New Cayenne Coupe Is An SUV You Want

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The Cayenne Coupe was unveiled earlier this year and deliveries should begin early 2020. The SUV Coupe has received plenty of criticism in recent years, with cars such as the BMW X6 and Mercedes-Benz GLE Coupe being tagged as "pointless alternatives". Despite decreased practicality, those cars still quite sell, so can Porsche steal market share and persuade us car enthusiasts to buy this 911 on stilts?

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Exterior Styling

The Cayenne Coupe is 1.2 inches longer and 0.7 inches wider than its SUV counterpart, giving the car a sportier stance. The sloping roofline is more smooth than abrupt, where a subtle roof spoiler contributes to the vehicle's sporting flair. No variant of the Coupe comes without quad exhausts, ensuring there is no mistaking this for a boring family hauler.

The coolest styling element would be the adaptive rear spoiler, which rises at speeds above 56mph / 90kmh. This is a very rare sight on any car at this price point. The Lava Orange paint is quite exciting too as it's a colour often selected for the 911 GT3 RS.

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Interior Craftsmanship

You first thought is that rear headroom is compromised, however the Coupe's roof is only 1.2 inches lower than the SUV's and to compensate the seats have also been lowered to about the same amount.

The interior layout is nothing short of spectacular. Like the Cayenne SUV, a classy tachometer is surrounded by two displays, each of which act as a pair of configurable dials. The leather is nothing short of comfortable and most reviews of the newest Cayenne generation claim the build quality overall is exceptional.

The centre console is the coolest though, as the 'buttons' are actually part of a screen and disappear completely when the car is turned off. At the top rests an elegant clock, a sight that is expected on Porsches, Maseratis and Bentleys.

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Performance & Engineering

You can choose between 3 currently available variants, the base model Cayenne, Cayenne S and the Cayenne Turbo. Here are the numbers with horsepower, 0-60mph (with the Sport Chrono Package) and the top speed displayed respectively.

Cayenne - 335hp / 5.7s / 150mph

Cayenne S - 434hp / 4.7s / 163mph

Cayenne Turbo - 541hp / 3.7s / 177mph

Whichever model you select, it looks quick because it is quick. What I found interesting was that the Coupe was slightly less powerful than the SUV counterpart, yet it had noticeably faster acceleration.

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Pricing & Comparison

In the USA, the base model starts from $75,300 USD, the Cayenne S from $88,600 and the Turbo from $130,100.

In the UK and including VAT, the base model starts from £62,129, the Cayenne S from £73,658 and the Turbo from £104,729.

Overall, the base model Cayenne Coupe is more expensive than the entry-level BMW X6 and the Mercedes-AMG GLE 43. Porsche's options are infamously expensive too so be ready for that. Then again, those cars as brilliant as they may be be don't come with an active spoiler or the Cayenne's level of personalisation exterior and interior wise.

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Conclusion & Verdict

Do you have a family or require additional space over a sedan?

Can you afford it and its 25 MPG (US) or 9.3L/100km?

Are you willing to sacrifice 170L of boot space over the SUV model?

If yes then watch out for the options and just buy it. Thanks for reading and share your thoughts in the comments.