- Tomica Toyota Century

This is only the third generation Toyota Century since 1967 - a car that is almost exclusively made for the Japanese Domestic Market. The car then went on sale on 22 June 2018, with prices starting from ¥19,600,000 (approximately US$180,000 at June 2018 exchange rates) to the top grade Century Limousine at ¥60,000,000. It is to be offered in four exterior colors, with culturally significant names; (神威) Kamui Eternal Black, (摩周) Lake Mashū Shrine Blue Mica, (飛鳥) Asuka (Black Ash) Red Mica, and (精華) Seika Radiant Silver Metallic. The Century's production is limited to 50 per month, and it is built in a "nearly hand-made" fashion.

Unlike other Toyota products, which have the Toyota badge, the Century has the traditional Fushichō badge and the word "Century" in block letters on the trunk-lid and does not carry the Toyota badge or designation. On the "C" pillar there is a badge in blue with a gothic-style "C" for Century with a label "hybrid" below. This badge is a traditional Century styling feature that first appeared in 1967.

There are many features that are exclusive to the Century. The grille is the classic narrow vertical chrome strips with a second layer underneath of interlocking circles that are also used for the turn signals in the front bumper. The rear taillights are also of a traditional appearance which debuted with the first generation in 1967. As with previous generations, rear passenger comfort and convenience is made a priority. The rear seats have a recline feature, with integrated heaters and massage function, as well as an adjustable power leg rest for the rear seat opposite the driver. The sound system comes standard with 20 speakers. A 20-inch LCD screen is installed for rear seat passengers that let occupants control many aspects and features as a convenience as well as playing video content. The standard upholstery fabric continues to be offered in three color choices using 100% wool with a unique heather pattern, with leather remaining available optionally in two different color combinations. Both upholstery choices include two different wood inlay selections.

This Tomica model was introduced as the #114 in the Regular line up in September of this year, and it has the usual level of fine detail we expect from this brand. The scale is 1/70 - a bit smaller than usual models, but this is a large car and they had to fit it into the box. I am hoping we will get a Limited Vintage neo edition one day in true 1/64 scale. Maybe even a model of Akido Toyoda's personal "GRMN" version. I'd love to see that!

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  • Can't wait for mine to arrive in the mail. I'd be so down for a TLV rendition, particularly in GRMN form.

    10 days ago
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  • I'm obsessed with the Century. I know Kyosho is doing the GRMN in 1/18 resin, so maybe they'd do a 1/64 too

    10 days ago
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