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The new Chevrolet Corvette has major quality flaws

7w ago


When you buy a premium car, you naturally demand above-average features. A top-of-the-range car must therefore offer good performance, acceptable comfort, cutting edge technology and impeccable build quality.

Some manufacturers make this last point a real pillar of their communication. This is the case for Audi, which prides itself on offering a flawless interior on all its cars, where quality materials are combined with perfect assembly. Other brands can't say the same.

It's usually the American brands that aren't famous in this field. Tesla, for example, is strongly criticized for the quality of its adjustments, both exterior and interior. Even the new Chevrolet Corvette is not immune to these flaws, as these photos posted on a forum show.

You can see that the dashboard stitching on the passenger side is not perfectly aligned with the trim cutout. There's also another misalignment on the other side, at the door where the stitching on the door panel is not at all aligned with the stitching on the dashboard.

Some people believe that the high temperatures could cause the trim to deform under certain conditions. Of course, we don't rule that out, but finding this kind of flaw on a car that costs at least $70,000 (the 3LT trim shown on these photos) is always a bit unpleasant, especially when many cheaper cars do better.

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Comments (13)

  • First flaw of all... Looks that the engine is at the wrong place...

      1 month ago
  • A shoddy built Chevy is news?

      1 month ago