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The new De Tomaso P72 just got way better

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Great news! The De Tomaso P72 is staying true to its roots. There has been a lot of ongoing debate whether or not the new P72 will adopt a hybrid setup or if they will go full out American V8 like its predecessors. Well in the tug of war between boring and OMG, it seems that the roaring American V8 wins! But wait that's not it! It's not only American but it's made with eight cylinders from Ford's NASCAR partner and it will have an included hornet sound. What on earth do I mean by that? IT WILL BE SUPERCHARGED! De Tomaso announced the P72 would be powered by a supercharged, 5.0-litre V8 that will have a "linear power-curve reminiscent of the purity of natural aspiration," according to a press release.

But to make things clear, De Tomaso has highlighted that the engine comes from a technical collaboration between De Tomaso and Roush. Roush and Ford have historically worked very closely together, with Roush being the dominating force of Ford's NASCAR engines, if not the main name in Ford's racing engines altogether. These engine manufacturing behemoths collaborated on the V8 and V6 in both Ford GT's, and Roush also makes a wide variety of aftermarket parts for Ford vehicles.

The gist of it!

The new P72 will be Supercharged, so the NA purists might have to take a breather. But with the supercharger, it will have a targetted power output over 700 horsepower with at least 608 lb-ft of torque from 91 octane fuel. It will also roar like Mufasa when the engine redlines "in excess of 7,500 rpm". And the cherry on the otherwise glorious cake is that it will have a six-speed manual transmission! Nevermind that you'll likely never own it nor see it due to the limited production of only 72, but this is a homage to the De Tomaso brand and it's sure as hell making me excited!

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