The new driving test has been introduced to the UK

1y ago


As of the 4th of December, changes to the practical driving test were announced and put into place. It is supposed to be more of a realistic assessment of the learners driving ability, but do we agree with these changes?

An added 20 minutes has been put onto independent driving time.

The time for driving independently has now been doubled to 20 minutes.

Learners will have to follow directions from a sat nav.

Instead of being given directions to follow verbally, the driver will now have to follow directions from a sat nav. It may not be the most reliable of sources, however the test will not be affected in any way if you turn the wrong way.

Rare manoeuvers such as reversing around a corner have been abolished.

You will now no longer be expected to carry out any rare manoeuvers, they have been replaced with more common situations such as entering a parking bay.

Drivers will now have to answer a vehicle safety question while driving.

You will be asked a safety question while driving and that may include for example telling the examiner how they would wash the windscreen using the vehicle controls.

The department for transport say that drivers under 25 are seven times more likely to be killed or injured on British roads.

It is said that the modifications to the practical test have been welcomed by driving experts and road safety groups.

I think in my personal opinion the new driving test is good. It means it can keep up with the ever changing technology of today, cars are changing and are packed with more gadgets and gizmos than ever before and it will proceed to keep changing and moving on. The new test adapts to that, and is more realistic, hopefully drivers can come away from the test knowing more about the modern roads of today and become more confident driving, especially on their own. It will make a significant effect on the number of young drivers who are killed or injured on the roads, all in the hope that the number is bought down over the coming years.

Over to you, what do you guys think about the changes?

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