The new e63 amg

Affalterbach have come up with their new E63. All the big journalists have had their hands on the beast at Algarve in Portugal and they are in no doubt that this thing is going to be absolutely out of this world. The headlines come in at 563bhp (Standard) and 603bhp (S Model) respectively. The big performance saloon market is hitting a revolution. The E' has gone all wheel drive which means that all that power can easily be put down with a 0-62mph time of 3.4 seconds! That is, with launch control of course.

Out goes the 5.5 and in comes the 4.0

Mercedes have ditched the 5.5 V8 (Insert tears here). But, it had to be done and we knew it was coming. The crazy nature of the old V8 has been replaced with the more sophisticated 4.0 V8 found in cars like the AMG GT and the C63 marked M178. This unit makes things a lot better in the sense of control and driveability because it doesn't have that nature of wanting to escape from the engine bay. Instead, it gives an intelligent and smooth delivery of power that is unlike that of the old 5.5 which had a very brutal yet every so exciting power delivery. Be in no doubt, though, M178 is a very exciting engine.

Best interior of the class. No question. All aspects, beautiful.

Mercedes revolutionised the E-Class with the latest generation. The whole car is a step up on the previous generation and the interior is a much improved thing. We all know about it and we cannot deny Mercedes that they have done an absolutely staggering job. Everything is simplistic and beautiful and those screens that replace dials are effortless and easy to use. This beauty and craftsmanship has been taken to the E63. The standard trim has been replaced with carbon fibre which is, no question, beautiful. It looks right and not something that is forced to add a sporty impact on the driver. The seats too are wonderful sports buckets that influence true comfort and driving pleasure. Until Audi gives us a new A6, the Mercedes will stand as king. Personally, I think that the new 5 Series that has recently been revealed still lacks in interior design. It has carried a great deal of dullness from the old 5' which is unfortunate because I know BMW can do far better than what they have done to the new 7 Series and 5 Series.

Autobahn drivers listen up - This will be a new sight for you very soon. It'll be a short sight, mind.

The old Mercedes E63 was RWD here in the UK with no 4Matic option. It was a powerful beast that influenced many drifts and burnouts. Many people enjoyed such hooliganism but it wasn't very practical and versatille. If the old E was to have a drag race with an RS6, it would be demolished. The Audi has AWD and would launch away like nothing. The E would struggle for traction before beginning its great surge of power but by that time that happened, the Audi would have been stopped at the next set of reds. A shame, then, because the old E63 also had to deal with weather. Here in the UK, that consist of rain and (recently) icy patches on roads which wouldn't fair beautifully for traction. The new E63, however, is AWD only. Even here in the UK. This is fine news. The E63 used to have a chassis that wasn't quite right. The powertrain was amazing and the power unreal but it couldn't be put down fantastically in the real world due to the issue of traction or there lack off. This new E63 has Merc's all new AWD system. The E63 is the first car from Mercedes to feature it and so far, things are absolutely fantastic. The AWD paired with the Launch Control allows for a 0-62mph time of 3.4 seconds which matches the likes of a Lamborghini Huracan. Audi, fear. The power delivery is fantastic and no longer do drivers have to stress over bad road conditions because the sophisticated AWD will have you covered. Some may question the system. ''What about drifting. That's gone''. Not so. The new AWD system comes with a very familiar (....Focus RS....) feature. Drift Mode. This mode allows for 100% of the power to be sent to the rear wheels making the new E63 RWD on demand. This makes the car a great deal more practical as you can daily drive in safety with fine comfort and AWD reassurance. Then, if you want to become surrounded by inner 9 year old feel, you can turn on Drift Mode and rejoice to the smell of tyre smoke. The new 4Matic system is a fine thing.

E63 sideways. Thank Drift Mode.

The E-Class of old was a comfortable cruiser designed to show off just how comfortable a big saloon could be. It didn't steer beautifully and was outmatched by the likes of the XF and 5 Series. Even now, the standard E is no sports car but it is a more agile machine. Where it truly shines is comfort though. The sheer ease of driving is what makes the E-Class a gem. This comfort mojo is precisely why the E63 comes to existence, it translates standard comfort into excitement and sporty agility. The E63 now steers with real precision. The flat bottom steering wheel actually goes on to give decent feel which is a very fine thing indeed. The ride of the Merc is fine too. It translates that standard E comfort to AMG comfort thanks to its three-chamber air suspension which has variable dampers.

Perfect proportions and true beauty. Not sure about the black wheels, though...

The E63 is a fine all rounder. It enhances the Mercedes experience by delivering a vast array of abilities. Whatever you want, you get - Comfort, speed or tire smoke. You get it all with a few easy adjustments. You can even set the car up in 'Individual Mode' to select a variety of things that vary from comfy suspension to immediate throttle response. The new E-Class is your personal companion that will suit your every need. I'm very interested in what Mercedes AMG will offer us in the future. As far as the E63 shows, things are going to look very good for the team at Affalterbach.