The new Electric Mini will arrive in time for the brand's 60th birthday

With the electric car race now firmly in play, Mini has announced that the all-new Mini electric will be launched next summer, with deliveries taking place in early 2020. The Mini electric hatchback will be one of the first premium super-mini hatchbacks on sale, where it will sit just above the Renault Zoe, and will rival Volkswagen's I.D hatchback.

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This all-new electric vehicle (EV) shares many similarities to the fuel-burning three-door Mini hatchback. The most obvious difference is the grille, where there isn't a need for Mini's wide 'mouth'. Also included is a new set of aerodynamic wheels. Other than that, things look fairly similar.

Head of Design at Mini, Oliver Heilmer said, “For the production MINI electric we have carried over some of the details from the concept car, features like the wheels and grille."

The concept model at Goodwood FOS 2018

Under the 'bonnet' of the Mini electric is expected to have the same or similar technology to what’s in the BMW i3. Mini will probably use the larger 42kWh battery from the i3 that has recently been released, and will deliver a range of 200 miles. The battery will power an electric motor on the front axle which should uphold Mini's classic 'go kart feel'.

Hopefully it comes in this colour scheme!

In terms of performance, the Mini Electric is expected to be on par with the current petrol Cooper S which has a 0-60 mph in 6.7 seconds. There's even talk of a John Cooper Works high-performance model being launched shortly after.

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  • If the would keep the look of the current minis and don't make some futuristic looking spaceship, I will be able to live with that. Maybe I can spot a prototype of them because they are building them near my home and bmw is always testing their cars here

    8 days ago
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  • Not a huge fan of electric, but excited for this Mini somehow!

    12 days ago
    2 Bumps
    • If they can capture the driving fun of the Cooper S into an electric car, they’re on for a winner here

      12 days ago
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