The new Ford Bronco has enough space for you to sleep in it

    Will this further your desire to buy the Bronco?

    1w ago


    We all know about the Ford Bronco at this point. We especially know that Ford wants people to view and use this car as an active-lifestyle vehicle.

    And in an effort to do just that, Ford has made it to where you can sleep inside your Ford Bronco, comfortably. The following numbers come directly from Ford's press release: people of 6 feet, 6 inches will be able to lay comfortably with no issues. People like Shaq who are 7 feet, 6 inches tall can still be comfortably if they lie diagonally. That is, unless you get the optional slide-out tailgate which will allow for an increased diagonal length of 8 feet, 9 inches. Yet for some reason I get the sense that the market for somebody who wants to sleep in their car who's also 8 feet, 9 inches is rather slim.

    It's worth mentioning that this only applies to the four-door Bronco. However, if you do opt to get the four-door, you can take the roof off, windows down, and open the (optional) slide-out rear-swinging tailgate, and make for the best star-gazing experience ever. And once you're done star gazing, you can go in your (optional) Yakima tent and call it a night. Try doing that in any other vehicle.

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    • That's a pretty expensive bed. Don't imagine it's very comfortable.

        11 days ago
    • That chap is sleeping at a diagonal. I have an e-class estate and with the rear seats folded two people could sleep in it lengthways and it has a flat carpeted floor.

        11 days ago
    • How short does one need to be in order to sleep in the Two-Door Bronco?

        11 days ago
    • My pickup truck has a 6.6ft bed. I can sleep straight and still have room.

        11 days ago
    • That looks like a very uncomfortable bed. Why not get a bmw, mercedes or audi/vw estate?

        11 days ago


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