The new Ford Maverick in 5 intriguing questions

Does it come with a new kind of plastic?

Should I consider a Maverick if I'm looking for a sleek luxury saloon?

Ford themselves claims the Maverick is "the truck you didn't think you needed" but clearly, if you're looking for a stylish, fast, luxurious or minuscule city car, Ford's entry-level truck isn't quite made for you. However, if you've always wanted or needed a truck but because of fuel efficiency, impractical size, and use of brittle materials inside you were easily put off, then this truck could indeed fit your specific requirements.

City-driving promises to be an easy experience as the Maverick is only slightly longer than Hyundai's Santa Cruz, Ford promises an astonishing 40 mpg fuel economy figure beating out a traditional Honda Civic, and with generous space to seat five inside, this should be the most livable pick-up truck yet and it will therefore appeal to a wider audience. But no, if you're looking for a sleek luxury saloon, get a Flying Spur instead.

What could I tell my friends about this new truck?

You could brag about the price for starters, 20 000 dollars is around 5 grand cheaper than rival pick-up trucks and considering you get an 8-inch responsive touchscreen, interior colour touches to liven up the cabin, and reasonable towing capabilities, the Maverick makes for a good first impression.

Despite its modest size, you can also tell your (now slightly worried about you) friends about how it can carry 18 sheets of 4x8-foot three-quarter-inch plywood, two full-size bicycles, and a lot of tomatoes.

Do they still need more to be impressed? How about the hybrid system which comes as standard and combined with the 2.5-litre petrol engine, puts out 190 horsepower. Just like more and more expensive trucks, the Maverick offers 10V house-style outlets so you can run whatever takes you fancy.

Does it come with a new kind of plastic?

Yes indeed, Ford uses the term speckled plastic to define what they claim to be is a perfect mixture of durability, appealing look and feel to it and how it perfectly suits the spirit of the Maverick.

They are proud to announce this type of plastic is new for Ford and keen to point out how pleasantly surprised you'll be when entering your vehicle to discover this fresh and inspiring plastic before your eyes. Or maybe that's just a load of marketing b****cks.

Is it a cross between a Bronco and an F-150 Lightning?

Yes, the Maverick rests on the Bronco Sport platform and yes, just like the F-150 Lightning, it's a pick-up truck. But other than that though? ... No, it isn't.

Will Gabriel Union buy a Ford Maverick?

Surprisingly enough, I found the answer to this question in a commercial Ford made to announce their new pick-up. Take a look at this short video then come back and comment below what you think of the new Maverick. Thanks for reading.

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Comments (6)

  • I wish you could get it with 2 doors rwd and manual transmission 🛻

      6 days ago
  • Based on the mad success of the Honda Ridgeline, Chevrolet Avalanche and Subaru Baja in America, the Ford Maverick should be a guaranteed hit!

      6 days ago
  • It may be a serious competitor but I still don’t like that trucks are now going ev

      6 days ago
  • Needs a single cab/longbed version

      5 days ago
  • If I were to change the design, I would ditch the hybrid system for something more agrarian. A light truck should be simple and easy to repair. A hybrid does not make sense for such a vehicle.

      6 days ago