The New Ford Raptor Has Four Wheel Drive And All Wheel Drive

      Wait, what?

      3y ago


      Apparently, it is possible for vehicles to have both All Wheel Drive and Four Wheel Drive. I will freely admit that I thought it was one or an other. You can now add that to the long list of things I was wrong about. Such a system sounds gloriously complicated and my brain is starting to smolder just trying to wrap my head around the concept. Luckily Engineering Explained is here to help. So, if you want to know how such a system is possible check out the video below.


      Check Shifting Lanes out on YouTube:


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      Comments (14)

      • Marketing ploy. It is no different than the full time 4WD pickups of the late 1970's

          3 years ago
      • Congrats, they invented SuperSelect. On Mitsubishis since '91.

          3 years ago
      • Neat!

          3 years ago
      • GM had the same system with their 'auto 4X4' back in 1996.

          3 years ago
      • The Mitsubishi pajero ha s had both awd and 4wd for years-i had a 04 model,you could choose 2wd-awd-or 4wd hi or low range,

          3 years ago


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