The new GMC Hummer EV is an engineering marvel with crazy features

It may be the most technologically advanced SUV ever made.

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The original Hummer was an engineering marvel from the military. Built to go anywhere and do anything, the H1 Hummer was about as close to an all-terrain vehicle as you could get for the general public when it went on sale. The H1 was then a phenomenon, but now it’s a classic vehicle with a cult following.

The H2 and H3 were versions of the H1, but smaller and never really caught on in with the same enthusiast following since those were more geared to a general consumer base. But there’s no denying the fact that the H1 was, and still is, a legendary vehicle in the automotive world.

Now we have the nameplate being brought back by General Motors under the GMC brand. And it’s going to be an EV which is a drastic departure from what the original Hummer was.

Some key stats on the Hummer EV show that it's absolutely bonkers. Things like power (625 to a max of 1000), a 0-60 time maxing out in the low 3 second range, pricing of $80,000 to just over $110,000, and drivetrains of two or 3 electric motors. But let’s dive into the specifications and features of it a bit more because there is some seriously cool tech that will be available.

The truck will dimensionally be very similar to the old Hummer with a 135.6-inch wheelbase, making it a larger in that respect to the GMC Yukon XL. The SUV, however, will be approximately 9 inches shorter.

The Hummer EV will get 22-inch wheels with 35-inch tires as standard. The Extreme Off-Road Package pairs a smaller 18-inch wheels with the same 35-inch tires, but they will be Goodyear Wrangler Territory MT tires for serious off-roading. The Hummer EV is actually designed to be able to take up to 37-inch tires for those that want to go aftermarket and get something even more off-road worthy. There will also be a system for tire deflation to increase traction off road. Drivers can use the inflation assist system to input a target tire pressure. You will have to manually release, but the vehicle will give you a sound signal when you reach the pressure number you put into the system.

On the topic of off-roading, which obviously be the Hummer’s go to flex, the Extreme Off-Road package will come with skid plates and underbody shields to protect everything underneath like the drive train, EV motors, battery packs, and other electronic bits.

The Hummer EV will also come with an Infinity Roof which will open the top with some combination of transparent, removable panels. The panels can be stored under the hood in the front, also known as a “frunk.” Since there’s no engine there, the Hummer EV can utilize that space for the panels or for extra storage.

There will also be a rear power window and for the truck version, a powered tonneau cover for the bed.

Inside you’ll find basically all the modern tech you could ask for. A 12.3-inch digital dash along with a 13.4-inch center infotainment screen will house everything you need to know about the SUV or Truck. According to GMC, the customizable functions and graphics were developed with the same visual effects company that has helped make some of the Marvel universe movies. GMC also says that there will be over 200 accessories for the Hummer EV, along with virtual auxiliary switches for controlling accessories and features like a winch or bar lights.

Two other cool pieces of tech worth mentioning are the aforementioned crab-walk as well as Extract mode. Crab-walk is achieved with the 4-wheel steering system. In auto-mode, the rear wheels will turn in the opposite direction of the fronts to aide with low-speed maneuverability. You may have also heard this being called “4-wheel-steering” on models of other brands and isn’t a new technology. What is new, however, is the fact that the Hummer EV will be able to turn all 4 wheels in the same direction to be able to move diagonally which can be helpful when off-roading tricky sections of a trail, or when parking.

Extract mode is equally handy. When driving normally, the Hummer EV has a scarcely believable 13” of suspension compression. What this means is that H-EV can lower on the highway for better aerodynamics or raise an additional 6 inches to clear obstacles when off-roading.

This truck and SUV combo will be going up directly against the Tesla Cybertruck, Rivian R1T, and The Bollinger B2. There is an EV Truck/SUV revolution happening and while the ICE will eventually go the way of the dinosaur in the coming decades, it’s pretty exciting to see an entirely new class of car being born right now. No matter what you think about EVs, the Hummer EV is about a bad ass as they come and I cannot wait to see it in action.

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Comments (14)

  • This rig is utterly the most desirable thing on this planet earth to me. I want one with every fiber of my being and I would leave my mistress diesel far behind for an EV. However, that’s a lot of cheddar for mere mortals and I might have to wait a few decades until the price comes down and by then I will be too old and decrepit to have one as I’ll then be in the market for colostomy bags and new genetically modified body parts made from human animal hybrid organ farms. Oh well, I can’t afford a Lamborghini either.

      8 months ago
  • With the weight issue you are definitely going to need a winch or someone on standby with another vehicle to pull you out of the mud.

      8 months ago
  • <<What is new, however, is the fact that the Hummer EV will be able to turn all 4 wheels in the same direction to be able to move diagonally which can be helpful when off-roading tricky sections of a trail, or when parking.>>

    Actually, Quadrasteer (also a GM-Delphi tech...) did have this capability for high-speed stability. Above about 40 MPH the system steers the rears in the same direction as the fronts. It's amazingly effective and has saved my life a couple of times.

      8 months ago
    • Yep, I worked on it back in early 2000s... it had a table that would tell the computer how much - and which direction - to turn the rear wheels based on current speed. Same direction at high speed, opposite for low speed parking.


      Read more
        8 months ago
    • I adore Quadrasteer-- 2X Suburbans, plus a Silverado HD.

      I can probably never buy a new GM truck since they'll never offer it again, but I'd love a modern 2500 series, Sierra Denali trim, Duramax with Quadrasteer.

      Hell, I may buy another...

      Read more
        8 months ago
  • The problem with the new Hummer is that it has so much incredible tech and amazing capabilities, that no one is really gonna take it off-road for fear of breaking something. It'll probably just end up being another mall-sitting luxury SUV, like the Porsche Cayenne, another very capable off-roader.

      8 months ago
  • Unibody? Please. That's not a truck, it's a funky looking station wagon.

      7 months ago