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T​he new Honda Jazz is actually adorable

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T​he Honda Jazz is a brilliantly underrated car. For its size, it’s rather big and spacious on the inside, with a range of fuel efficient powertrains.

F​or 2020, Honda has introduced an all-new generation of Jazz and it looks better than ever. The current Jazz is nothing special but the new one is adorable. It has a somewhat innocent look to it, which hasn’t been overstyled, nor have they given it a grill the size of a small continent. Even in Crosstar trim, it still manages to look cute.

O​n the inside, the new Jazz is just as clever as its predecessor. The Magic Seats system is still present allowing owners to configure the seats in anyway possible. Want a massive boot? Fold the rear seats flat. Want to recline the passenger seat all the way down to create a bed? You can do that too.

P​ackaging in the new Jazz is better than before as occupants get to see more thanks to thinner A-pillars up front, and there’s more space for important things like leg and head room thanks to a redesigned interior, and the fuel tank has been moved to the centre of the chassis, under the front seats. This allows for a more practical boot too.

I​nterior tech wise, the driver gets a fully digital instrument cluster, with the addition of a central touchscreen which functions like a modern smartphone. Don’t like the infotainment system? Well Honda has you covered with the Jazz offering Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. There’s even a Wi-Fi hotspot too.

The Jazz is also safer for 2020, with the Honda Sensing safety pack. This package is said to offer the most comprehensive suite of advanced safety features and driver aids in its class. Equipped with a wider, higher-definition camera, the 2020 Jazz offers “improved awareness of vehicle surroundings, including recognition of verges without kerbs or roadside markings.”

T​hat‘s incredibly useful but it gets better. You can also get Honda’s Collision Mitigation Brake System which now includes night vision. This system detects dangers such as pedestrians and cyclists and applies the brakes when oncoming vehicles get in the way of you. The new camera system also works hand in hand with the Adaptive Cruise Control and Lane Keep Assist.

T​he new Jazz can only be had with a two-motor hybrid powertrain which makes perfect sense in a small car. An EV version is set to come in the next 18-24 months. The hybrid system has been dubbed the e:HEV. Honda claims that the now hybrid-only Jazz offers “an exceptional blend of strong and effortless driving performance and impressive fuel economy” along with “a smooth, responsive and direct driving feel.” Honda has also promised that the Jazz e:HEV promises EV-like dynamics.

P​ricing hasn’t been announced as of yet but expect the new Jazz to go on sale in Europe sometime in the summer of 2020.

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  • It does have that innocent look, kinda like a puppy.

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