The New Horex VR6 Raw Has Been Revealed

6w ago


The German motorcycle manufacturer has released the latest 6 cylinder motorbike. The Horex VR7 Raw has a 1,128 cc V6. This one has also been to the gym and lost a total of 4 kg of weight but still weighs a 220kg dry.

This baby will also be able to produce a total of 163 bhp-which isn't much these days I know. Along with the power, it will have a new clutch and carbon fibre brakes to help with smoother action and improved gearchanges which can be quite fun to ride.

The mirrors, handlebars and the double exhaust tips will be in black matte to make it look a bit more sinister. This model will also have a 7 inch LED display that will have GPS and smartphone hook up. If you have a mind set to buy one of these you will have to pay €35,500 or £31,519 which is quite expensive.

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Comments (2)
  • Wow, ok, good luck with that. If I was dropping that kind of cash on a bike you can bet it wouldn't be a V6.

    1 month ago
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  • It does look Sinister, but $40,000 US is a bit much!

    1 month ago
    3 Bumps


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