The New Hyundai Tucson means very bad news.

What will this big time refresh do to the competition?!

Article randomly dedicated to Vincent Mincent Holololololhich for no apparent reason.

If like me you have spent your life purposely hating Hyundai for obscure reasons and haven't yet accepted the fact that their cars are really quite brilliant, it's wake up time. And yes I'm looking at you Carter, I'm sorry we must go down together on this one๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚. This is just as sad for me. Now you may be wondering what is it that has me slowly.....adpating (because I refuse to say changing) my opinion on that matter. Could it be the divisive Sonata?

Well, I mean I have changed, I mean, adapted my opinion on this too. Because all of sudden I'm madly in love with it. Very, very cool. But no this isn't the main component of my inner turmoil. Could it be the i20?

Well actually come to think of it this really should be, because that is absolutely stunning, and utterly adorable. It is probably fair to admit that Hyundai couldn't have done a much better job there. But anyway I'm going to cut to the chase because the title is a bit of a giveaway that this is not today's matter of discussion. It's this:

Yes it's the new and highly controversial Tucson, which after a bit of integration into my daily sightseeing life, I have more than fallen for it. So far my understanding is the Asians aren't sold on it, the Americans can't bare it and the Europeans can't get enough of it. But I'll keep you posted on interntional Hyundai relations as I get word from contacts in said regions. Anyway ONEEE is yet to explain ONE'S personal hesitations about celebrating such a beautiful facelift as seen on that of the new Tucson. But it comes down to this:

Alas good friends and not so good foes of Drivetribe, it is the new Kia Sportage in all its unrevealed glory (therefore not much glory). The renders on the new SUV from Hyundai's greatest enemy brand have been a mix of very cool at times, and quite revolting at times too. I was nervous enough about this facelift because if not done well enough to beat Hyundai, and with the XCeed and Seltos taking the world by storm, this car would most probably be killed off, and all of its unique sort of presence would go down the drain.

Visual rendering of the Sportage's unqiue presence going down the drain were it to be killed off.

Visual rendering of the Sportage's unqiue presence going down the drain were it to be killed off.

So technically I am writing a Tucson related article which is actually more about the new Kia Sportage, but now that its out can we agree that it is just really quite beautiful!

I've had a little look around at those available to my locally, and they have really been awesome to see in action. The lights are my personal favourite bit, it's nice to see Hyundai being edgy and bold too, creating iconically recognisable cars and in doing so, veering away from the boring old ways of the past. It's very much an evolution we are seeing at the moment.

Anyway whether it poses a threat to my beloved Kia boffins or not, I have to say I love the new Tucson's design. They have more than just stepped up their game, they have re-started it. It feels like a clean slate, so what do you think of it?

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