- The New Hyundai Veloster "N"

The New Hyundai Veloster N Has 275BHP!

That's a lot of punch!

2y ago


The Korean manufacturer have just released the 2019 Veloster N at the Detroit Auto Show, and they've really put the car into the hot hatch segment this time!

A great colour scheme!

A great colour scheme!

On top of the already fairly quick, 201BHP Veloster, Hyundai have added the range topping "N" model. Powered by a 2.0L turbocharged engine, the N puts out 275BHP to a front wheeled, six speed manual. At the front of the car, the "N" has a more aggressive fascia and grille. The rear has a huge spoiler for such a little car, with more aggressive fascia and an integrated rear splitter at the rear. Inside, the "N" gets new Sports Seats, a purposefully designed new steering wheel and gear shifting knob.

Unfortunately, Hyundai are yet to announce the pricing and availability on the new model, but you can expect the Veloster "N" to sit somewhere cheaper in comparison to it's VW Golf GTI and Ford Focus RS rivals!

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