The New Jeep Truck is About to Shake Up the Wrangler World


4y ago

Brace yourselves... Wrangler-based trucks are coming.

In 2019, a Jeep pickup is set to come into the market for the first time in nearly three decades. And if the spy shots are any indication, the truck is a brutish beaut.

Spyshot of what could be the Wrangler JT Truck

Spyshot of what could be the Wrangler JT Truck

Over the past few years, Jeep sales have been on an uptick with the Wrangler SUV winching the most profitable arm of the Fiat Chrysler group to the high ground. Despite a dip in sales this year, the Jeep Wrangler JK is as popular as ever. The question now becomes for those in the market for an upgrade or contemplating their first Jeep purchase is how to decide which model is worth breaking open the piggy bank for.

Along with a new Jeep Wrangler truck model (referred to as the JT), Jeep will be releasing a new Wrangler JL with the same classic SUV design. Both are set to become available for purchase within the next year or two, with different options rumored.

Here are some of the rumored options for the JT truck model:

•Two and four door models

•Diesel engine

•Hybrid engine

•300-HP Turbo 4-cylinder engine

•Aluminum body

•$30,000-$40,000 price range

A diesel engine has been the Holy Grail for rock crawling Jeep owners seeking a boost in low-end torque. If on offer for the new truck model, it would be tough to overlook the diesel option.

Will these options be available on both the JT and the JL?

When Jeep inevitably discloses the details of the new Wrangler's, it is doubtful all options will be available on the JT and JL evenly. If we had to guess, the JL SUV will carry more available options since it is Jeep’s first run at a truck since the 1992 Cherokee based Comanche.

Jeep Comanche

Jeep Comanche

Another factor prospective Jeep buyers must consider is the availability of after-market parts. JK owners currently enjoy one of the best communities of dealers and stores carrying upgrades for their rigs. With an influx of two new models in the market, the parts distributors may take a while to catch up in designing and producing the plethora of enhancements on offer for existing JK’s.

There are conversion kits to add a flat-bed to JK’s if you have deep pockets and an impatient disposition. For a cool $35,000, Bruiser Conversions will turn your two door JK into a beast that is sure to turn heads. A hefty price tag for an impressive machine.

Wrangler's with Bruiser Conversion, available in 4-door option as well

Wrangler's with Bruiser Conversion, available in 4-door option as well

Our advice? If you are the patient type, opt for the JT over the JL and hope the final specs are worth the wait. Of course you might have to blaze your own trail to the dealership to place your pre-order once the dealerships give you the option (here's to hoping you have a snorkel). The wait list is going to be longer than the queue behind an ill-equipped 4Runner on a difficult rated trail.

It may take a while for you to deck out your new JT rig with all the bells and whistles until upgrades become more readily available. But, as any Jeep owner will tell you, upgrading is a never-ending process anyway.

If you are more of a deal hunter, there should be some pretty tasty JK’s in the used car listings in 1-2 years’ time as Wrangler owners trade in their current rides. So be sure to keep those Autotrader magazines handy!

As we wait for the specs to be released, presumably at the LA auto in December of this year, we will continue to salivate over the many teaser prototype trucks Jeep has released over the years, while fantasizing about finally being able to buy, build, and upgrade our own.

Hope you had tissues handy.

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Comments (10)

  • Let's hope they put the hemi in it instead of the pentastar

      4 years ago
    • Yes!! I really hope they do, or at least make it an option.

        4 years ago
  • Jeep would be insane not to take advantage of the ability to offer a body on frame diesel truck. Not only is North America dying for a diesel jeep, Land Rover's abandonment of a working truck leaves the entire defender segment empty space.

      4 years ago
  • That blue cab-over-engine thing somehow reminds me of a Bukhanka...

      4 years ago
  • I'd buy a diesel, kind of hope its the base engine.

      4 years ago
    • This is the US; we don't encourage diesel, ever.

        4 years ago
    • Except for the Colorado/canyon, the eco diesel ram 1500, and the soon but not soon enough to come ford f150.

        4 years ago
  • Reminds of the AEV Brute.

      4 years ago