The New Lada Niva: still no name?

The legendary offroader will undertake severe design and concept changes. New model to arrive in 2023. It might be called ' Lada 4x4', 'Lada Urban'

Niva is known well not only in Russia and former Soviet Union countries. In Germany the demand for this car is high, you can find used models in Finland and Monaco, even James May tested it and rated it qute well. This model has been on the conveyor for more then 40 years and is still produced. This car took part in Dakar Rally, served well for every Russian man's needs in farming.

Currently, Lada has in its posession the successfull inventions of Bo Anderson 'Vesta', 'Xray' and as for Niva they're still trying to decide what to do with it. Keep the production of the legendary old model, put emphasis and money on development Chervolet Niva, or go 'Land Rover' way and just drop old one and develop the new model?

Here's what new concept is going to look like: 3-doors (or perhaps 5? the door knob could be styled as Civic's rear door.), X-face, CMF B-LS SUV platform (different from Renault Duster's B0), new MT gearbox and CVT option as well. Also it is known that Niva's audience will be based on affordable price first.

No doubt, that the time for proper re-modelling or re-styling has come and no need to look for Bronco or Defender for inspiration. In my opinion Niva is Russia's top legacies, a thing that our country is well known, therefore, I do believe that with this model they should achieve some decent balance of reliablity, cost-effeciency and modern design trends as well.

P.S Currently you can buy new 3-door Niva for 560 000 Rub or roughly 7,500$.

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Comments (2)

  • Nivas are great workhorses 👍I have a mate who is an actual farmer, he drives a 5-door Niva. Nothing else would do the same job for the same cost. If the new one is as rugged and good offroad and as easy to fix and maintain as the old one, then bring it on. If it isnt - it would be completely pointless, nevermind what it would look like, outside or inside

      1 year ago