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The new Lamborghini Countach underwhelmed us all

This was supposed to be a cool car, not a hastily restyled Aventador

14w ago

Lamborghini Countach. This is a name that belongs to one of the coolest cars ever made and has been on bedroom walls, phone wallpapers and video games since it’s original launch in 1974. It is a car that just oozes the term cool, more so with later editions with flared arches, huge air vents and the iconic rear wing which may as well be a dinner table.

The Countach has been a star car in numerous films and TV shows, with it’s most iconic appearance being in The Cannonball Run. As a matter of fact, that exact car has been given historical vehicle status in the US recently, which makes it even cooler. The Countach has been at the forefront of the vaporwave/aesthetic movement which has seen it against neon backgrounds (usually a mountain range or Miami) along with a certain statue by the hands of Michelangelo.

So without going into too much detail, the Countach has secured its spot as one of the coolest cars ever made. Naturally, there were high hopes when Lamborghini said they’d be reviving the Countach as a limited-run model. This got me and Dionysis very excited as we both love the Countach and hoped they would treat it with respect and do a modernised version of it, similar to how they did with the Miura concept/design study back in 2006. Oh how wrong we were.

When Lamborghini revealed the new Countach last week, it was met with a sea of underwhelmed people, including ourselves. Granted, the car was leaked a day or two prior to the launch which didn’t help matters but the finished car was simply a “whatever” moment.

Expectations were high for the Countach. We had already guessed it would be based on the Aventador/Sian platform as that just made sense but we didn’t know for certain how much Aventador there would be in the new Countach. There’s a lot.

Sure, it has 800bhp and a top speed of 221mph but the looks are what matters in a Countach. Sure, some design elements of the original couldn’t happen due to safety reasons but the rest of the design felt like Lamborghini slapped on a cheap body kit and called it a day. Proportions are all wrong, the lighting arrangements at the front and back don’t look right and the glass house is too similar to the Aventador.

If Lamborghini wanted a proper tribute to the Countach while showing off their engineering skills, they should have adapted an Aventador chassis and make it an EV as we all know Lamborghini will be making EVs eventually. Sure, it would have upset some people if they made it an EV but it could have been a tech demo as well as a show stopping car. This also brings us neatly to the price. All 112 examples of the Countach are sold out but they somehow cost 2 million euro each before taxes and personalisation.

For that money, you can get a really nice Countach 25th Anniversary edition car for under half a million quid while looking like the coolest person at wherever you’re turning up at.



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  • Well I liked it, just disappointed with no wing

      3 months ago