- The 2020 Land Rover Defender. Pic Credit: Land

The New Land Rover Defender finally comes to America

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The 2020 Land Rover Defender finally makes its way to the USA, a land which was denied the defender for the previous models. The version available in the States is the 110 and comes with a plethora of options including safety equipment, unlike the previous models. This was the reason the Defender never came to the states - lack of safety equipment. This model kept with the iconic design of the Defender - boxy and looking tough. The style is new and I am in love with it.

...power goes to all wheels via a 8 speed auto transmission...

I have gone through the spec sheet of the car and you get it with two engine options a 2.0 litre four cylinder and a 3.0 litre 6 cylinder engines. The power output from the engines are 296 hp and 395 hp respectively and the power will go to all wheels via an 8 speed automatic transmission.

The wheels and rims are many, you can customise almost everything on the car, including the colour of the badges - whether black or silver, black pack allows you choose the black badges and some other design specs. If you do spec the Defender in all black, your defender will be similar to the Defender in the new James Bond movie.

I really appreciate that the defender comes with a spare wheel on the back as a standard. The LED day lights on the Defender does not come on the base model but, you get them as standard equipment on the Defender First Edition and X Edition.

2020 Land Rover Defender. Pic Credits: Land Rover

The interiors are very good, the base model features black fabric seats but you can get them upgraded to leather in three colours. The X edition you get the option of 2 - black and tan leather interiors. A good option within the interiors is the seating, you can get a third row fitted into it, for when you have a bit more extra passengers.

The base model gives you many features as standard, and seems plenty for a person who wants a tough car. Personally, I like a lot of comfort features and a lot come standard. The only thing I would change on the base car is paint and wheels - thats it! and get the dealer fitted gear box (because it looks good), I would require nothing more. A spec of mine is below.

How much will the Defender lighten your wallet? the price of the new Defender, the base starts at $50,925 USD and then rises. My spec with the change of paint and wheels with the gear box comes to $54,409 USD. I am saving up already.

For years the Jeep Wranger has gone unchallenged in the US markets, Finally, the time has come to see the Jeep lose out. I say it will - the Defender will beat the jeep in market (hopefully am correct).

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