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What has changed with the design?

The new Discovery Sport has a slightly new design, it isn't that much of a change but it does look much more fresh and modern.

Okay lets talk about it, so on the front it has a new headlight design which looks more like the bigger Discovery. It also has a revised grill and a more aggressive bumper. On the rear of the car it also has changed, with new lights and again a re-designed bumper.

Is there anything new with its off-road features?

Land Rover is known for being great at off-road so it should be right? Well the new Discovery Sport comes with Land Rover's Terrain Response 2 system, this gives you a selection of surface modes, they are road, sand, grass, gravel, snow also a mud and ruts feature. So you are spoiled for choice, don't worry if you can't decide which one to use though, as it has a automatic mode so it will choose which option is appropriate for the conditions where you are currently driving If you love going off-road you might want to avoid getting the entry level model as it only has front wheel drive though.

How much does it cost?

Well it starts at £31,575 but that is for the front wheel drive only and it doesn't really come with much as it is the lowest specification, if you want more things on your discovery sport you will have to step up to the S model which costs £34,425, the next one up is the SE which costs £36,925, but if you have a high budget you might as get the HSE which costs £46,025 which comes with a lot more kit than the other trims. If you want you Discovery sport to be more sporty you can get the R-Dynamic pack which costs £41,075, Yep that is pretty expensive.

The interior

As well as the exterior the interior has also been updated. There is a 10-inch touch pro infotainment which comes as standard and it is pretty good, although it isn't the most responsive and some of the buttons can be hard to press while driving but overall it is a nice system to use. Below the infotainment screen you get the setting for the air-con, fan speeds, heated seats and your off-road controls. If you step up to the SE model you get a drivers display which means that you get a screen instead of the analogue dials. This can display radio stations and your maps, this is all controlled by the touch sensitive buttons on the steering wheel.

A comfortable car which can take you further into the wilderness than most cars in it's class.

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