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The new LB Silhouette WORKS GT 35GT-RR

Long name, that

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You have £55k to spend. You already have a R35 Gtr, and is looking for another big purchase. Where does your hard earned money go to? The new Supra? The Alpine A110? Perhaps a E53 for the family, or a used Granturismo for them riviera blasts. No, the guys at Liberty Walk suggest you should modify your car, for the same second-hand price of the car that's being modified. Ooh expensive.

Looks menacing and fast doesn't it? Just before you ask about engine stuff, no. No, don't bother, the full 55 grand goes to the body kit alone. Yes, fully 55 grand. For that, the panels are crafted from dry carbon and fiber reinforced plastic. However, if you want to go cheap, the whole kit is also available in just the plastic stuff alone at a lot cheaper (but still expensive) £34k.

Images by Liberty walk

Images by Liberty walk

For that, you get the signature wide fenders, xxl rear wing, new boot, side skirts, hood, front and rear bumper ,diffuser and them front winglets. All sold individually, and compatible with pre and post facelift models.

Images by Liberty Walk

Images by Liberty Walk

Sure, it looks good, but is it £55k good? Hell yeah, I think, having this means nobody will ever have the same car as you too, and it doesn't look tacky at the same time too. The current cheapest way to get this beauty is for £83k, assuming you choose the full carbon kit. Cheapest listed Gtr, £28k @71k miles. I can already picture myself picking this over the likes of the LC500 and NSX, both still gorgeous btw don't worry :)

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Comments (6)

  • I’d keep it stock

      9 months ago
  • Standard!!!!!

      9 months ago
  • I like to actually drive my cars. Other than a track day ... where are you going to drive this “Transformer “ of a car? Let’s just say you have no intentions of driving it anywhere other than a track ... in that case, it means you’re not a poser and you want the lowest lap time possible. Then ... there are far better options.

      9 months ago
    • I mean the majority of people wont be tracking their gtrs even if they werent modified like this anyway

        9 months ago


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