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The New Legends

A Legendary Man and A Legendary Car. Welcome the new seven times World Champion, Lewis Hamilton!

15w ago

What a race it was. Yes, I've been watching every single race this season, I knew Mercedes would win, and Hamilton will take the seventh title but in a day like this, who would've thought, fate would test the mighty. British racing fans know what I am talking about! We genuinely have to acknowledge the man for his patience and yes a bit of whining, but he's deserved every bit of credit for doing as best as he can to seal the deal. There have been honestly everyone trying to discredit him for something or the other, but Lewis Hamilton just comes back to your face.



The man's the valid owner of the iron fist. Over a decade in the sport and wrapping up seven titles and making all the sensible moves, no one is better at it than Hamilton right now. As the new dawn brings birth to a new decade, Mercedes and Hamilton will be remembered for their glory. As of now, regardless of our affiliations to any team in the world, let's bow down and give the man his due credit!

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