The new Maserati MC20 in Modena city centre + factory shots

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Maserati has parked the MC20 right in the city centre of Modena so that anyone can take a look (that's where some of these pictures come from) but I don't want to talk about that now. Let's try and wear our sensible hat on for a second.

Maserati said this is the "beginning of a new era" and I'm afraid that is a lot more than just a slogan. This is a huge leap in the unknown for Maserati - because it's mid-engined, because of the in-built V6 and because of the price tag - and they really, really need this to work.

They need the MC20 to be successful. I'm sure the media and press people across the globe are going to praise its dynamic abilities and the revamped interior and the engine and performance figures, but more to the point, there's no two ways about it, it's gotta work commercially. It has to sell.

I think it will, I think it might work. It certainly the credentials and the price tag to succeed. These days it is ironically more difficult to sell affordable cars than it is to sell exclusive, uber-expensive and mega-fast supercars. I haven't driven it yet, of course, but from where I'm sitting it looks like the MC20 ticks all the boxes: performance, looks, interior, je-ne-sais-quoi. Let's wait and see.

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  • the MC20 in Modena city centre ! @tribe

      1 month ago
  • Maserati finally remembered they are an Italian brand and need a proper sports car.

      1 month ago
  • Dude - they should have you drive it so we can read your story! Who do I send an email to? LOL! "Dear Maserati, I want to lodge a complaint that Alessandro has not been given a test car for a review!" Great job - the city center display is excellent (right in Ferrari's backyard, or front yard?)!

      1 month ago


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