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The New McLaren Senna - The Ultimate Road Legal Track Car! - The Detail

McLaren's new Ultimate Series car is the most extreme model yet!

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McLaren has today released the replacement for the P1. Codenamed P15, the McLaren Senna is powered by a 4.0L V8 engine, producing 800PS and 789BHP, making it the most powerful internal combustion engine that McLaren have ever made for a road car.

The Senna contains the most powerful engine McLaren has ever put in a road car - Image from McLaren

The Senna contains the most powerful engine McLaren has ever put in a road car - Image from McLaren

Weighing in at 1,198KG, the Senna will be limited to just 500 vehicles, each with a starting price of £750,000 each. McLaren states that the car has been named the Senna to honour it's status as the ultimate McLaren track car, legalised for the road.

The Senna is mid-engined and rear wheel drive, and includes a new generation of front and rear active aerodynamics, raising downforce and aero control to ensure the performance potential can be fully exploited. Every element of the body design, from the front splitter to the double diffuser at the rear, has been developed to optimise downforce and aerodynamic balance, whether under braking, adjusting the throttle mid corner, or applying power on corner exit. There is also an opportunity for added visual drama, with the front aero blades available finished in one of five ‘By McLaren’ theme specifications that include Azura Blue and McLaren Orange. The same linked accent colour can also feature on the brake calipers, visible door gas struts and seat trims.

The doors of the Senna are made of carbon fibre, and owners can opt for a two piece side window, featuring a fixed top part that forms part of the roof, along with a lower, smaller section below. McLaren state that this is to enhance the sense of space inside the cockpit for the driver. The entire cockpit is stripped back and the driver controls have been kept to a minimum, with no buttons on the three spoke steering wheel. This is to reduce cockpit clutter. The driver can see everything they need on the McLaren Folding Driver Display on a screen.

“The McLaren Senna delivers true performance, all the way to the limit of a driver’s ability. With a truly astonishing power-to-weight ratio, this car is about performance that is accessible and attainable, yet at the same time exciting and challenging for the very best drivers in the world – and with an intense, sensory experience to match.”

Andy Palmer, Vehicle Line Director, McLaren Ultimate Series

The new model features the most advanced braking system every to be fitted to a McLaren road car, using carbon ceramic brake discs and motorsport technologies to deliver it's performance. Owners will only have one wheel option though, which is an ultra-lightweight alloy with a race inspired centre lock system.

The car will make it's public debut at the Geneva Motor Show in March, but if you thought you could get your hands on one, think again! Each of the 500 models are already sold out.

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