The new Mercedes-AMG S63 has been spotted testing

    These exclusive images were taken during testing just outside the Nürburgring.

    With the recent unveiling of the updated W223 Mercedes S-Class comes the anticipated AMG variant - and although the halo S73 AMG is in the cards with bewildering power, its the well-respected 63 AMG that will likely take the spotlight first.

    This upcoming S63 was spied near the iconic Nürburgring race track in camouflaged prototype form, and its likely the first images we'll see of a long development journey.

    The S-Class AMG has always sat at the top of Daimler's luxury-meets-performance needs heirarchy, boasting world-class technology and sophistication met with a confounding volume of luxury - and because of this, the new S-Class AMG will likely be undergoing significant amounts of testing for refinement in tech, from road vibration, noise cancellation and safety, to previous-gen supercar levels of straight line performance.

    The S63 spotted here shares visual similarities with lesser S-Class variants, including the overall design, shape and large sloped rear c-pillar; making it only really distinguishable by the large quad-tipped exhausts, classic AMG style black wheels and now-iconic Panamericana grille.

    The bottom section of the front bar is still under full wrap, but piecing together the design of the W223 - and AMG's history with styling, we can likely expect it to be sharper and more aggressive than the equivalent S500, S580 and other non-AMG models.

    Some form of electrification will be utilised in both models, as the duo have been reported to debut with 'e' in the name, bearing hybridisation with pride and prowess. This means that both S63e and S73e are likely to house the 4.0L twin-turbocharged V8 engine with varying setups.

    It's reported that the S63e will have the internal combustion engine at the front, paired with an electric-motor at the rear for a combined maximum output of around 522kW (700hp), while the full-fledged S73e may boast a massive 597kW (800hp) powertrain - although this is yet to be confirmed.

    Nothing reported has been confirmed by the manufacturer as of yet, however with our eyes, we can visibly see that there isn't a charging port anywhere around the outside of the car - so although hybridisation is far from a bad thing - for pure fuel-loving fans, the next S-Class AMG could be the V8-powered gift that lives on.

    - AutoNews Australia

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    Comments (3)

    • An obscene amount of power in a luxury limo. What’s not to like.

        29 days ago
    • 😍 700hp and 800hp

        29 days ago
    • Sweet. The V8 Hybrid AMGs are going to be monstrous 🔥

        29 days ago


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