Only recently have cars started being released at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas but this latest reveal from Mercedes is techy enough to fit right in amongst the big boy stuff from Intel and Samsung.

This is the new Mercedes-Benz CLA, continuing the trend of taking the A-Class and making it much prettier with a sexy sloping roofline.

On top of the stunning 'coke bottle' lines, the CLA has upped the amount of tech onboard, with this easily being up there with the smartest of Mercs.

A more powerful processor in the car brings a much-updated 'Hello Mercedes' voice control system which looks to make the whole infotainment experience a hell of a lot more intuitive and Siri-like. I can't imagine it'll cope with a Scottish accent like every other form of voice-controlled technology, so I'll have to get behind the wheel to see if it even slightly understands.

There won't be much need for getting a touchscreen all mucky with paw prints either, seeing as the 'Interior Assist' gesture control system has become much more acute as to make it much easier to use.

When it comes to the all-important massage functions, the gesture system will even be able to tell which seat the gesture to change to 'intense lower back scrape' came from – clever stuff.

Thankfully for those parents out there, the car will only respond to the last person that said 'Hey Mercedes', just incase the kids fancy pushing their luck.

Merc has specifically named the car as the CLA Coupé, probably due to the fact that there's another CLA Shooting Brake waiting in the wings. If you think that this is a good-looking car, just wait for the even sexier estate to come along.

The car you see here is the limited 'Edition 1' that we won't get here in the UK. But with its continued good looks and standout diamond radiator grille, I can see this car being a continual success with the millennial generation, especially if it's still around the £30,000 mark once prices are announced.

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