The new Mercedes EQT in 5 intriguing questions

If I get an EQT, do I also have to buy an electric skateboard?

4w ago

Is it just a Mercedes?

This entry-level electric people-carrier designed to rival A-class prices combined with traditional minivan interior practicality is very clearly a Mercedes. From the blacked-out (fake) grille we're now used to coming from the brand, the simple and elegant lines wrapping around the car and the Mercedes badge itself getting bigger and bigger, there is no mistaking it as a Kia. And yet: I can't help notice this very Kia-like designed B-pillar pattern mimicking the "tiger nose" grille the Korean brand has been garnishing their cars with.

In fact, the recent Telluride uses a pretty identical design on its B-pillar, carrying over from the grille and even front end designs we've seen from the latest prototypes. This is it then, Mercedes is getting away with Kia-styled panels on their new electrifying (sorry that had to come out) people-carrier.

Could there be something wrong with the interior?

I see you've spotted the 1970s television in the room. Indeed, while the interior lineup of cars is getting the latest technologies and bigger screens, Mercedes still decided to go with their infotainment system introduced just after the second world war. The screen is as small as 7 inches while the interface is Mercedes' latest in the way that it displays EQ in the centre. Anywhere else though, it seems to be at least 5 years old. The gauge cluster is also very analogue with only your (not very big) screen in the middle and surrounding it, two old-school dials. As it turns out, this new EQT is precisely the case of a neo-retro car. It's electric and from the outside, looks elegant and futuristic while inside, you're pretty much back into the early 2010s. Perhaps Mercedes went with the old-fashion screens and interface to make the interior more rugged but more likely, which allows them to keep the cost down.

Which rival should I also be considering?

This is a very question since every new car today, and specifically electric cars, are instantly compared to other brand's vehicles in terms of specs, technologies, design and many other fastidious aspects even before enjoying the product itself. However, the Mercedes EQT is different, and partly because... it has no rival. The T-class is set to go on sale for just under 30 000 British pounds. For a bit more than that, you could get a traditional petrol-powered Chrysler Pacifica, Toyota Sienna, Honda Odysseys, Dodge Caravan, and many more. If you'd rather get an electric SUV with enough seats for your high-quantity family, the closest you'll get to in terms of space and pricing is Mercedes' own EQB for which you'll be spending around 50 000 pounds. The closest rival to the EQT is something like an electric converted Vauxhall Vivaro-e for about the same price, and how much do you not want to drive this every day. And anyway, the Vivaro-e is further aimed at van buyers.

In conclusion then, the Mercedes EQT stands alone in this segment, which is good news for the infotainment system.

I'm heading over to the EQT configurator! (Technically not a question)

Or maybe you should start saving up instead as the EQT isn't actually a production model yet. As with some of the latest concepts from Mercedes, the final version will look remarquably similar both inside and outside. 2022 should see the arrival of the latest addition to the German band's electric car range and... that's all we know for the moment. Not much information on battery sizes, range, power or performance has been given yet so it turns out patience is the answer for the moment.

If I get an EQT, do I also have to buy an electric skateboard?

I deeply wonder how we're going to answer this question. Perhaps a video from Mercedes could help...

Thanks for reading.

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Comments (7)

  • The back end has something of the Nissan Cube about it. A bit old school (school run?)

      28 days ago
  • Is it sold in the us?

      1 month ago
    • We don't even know what battery sizes it will get so markets it will be sold in is a mystery for the moment

        1 month ago
  • Need a stretched version for the U.S. Not enough room behind the 3rd row for stuff. Of course, we don't usually get Europe's neat vans.

      1 month ago
  • Why am I getting Mercedes A Class Vaneo vibes from this?

      1 month ago
  • Nice interior.

    Horrible Exterior. I really hope cars in the future don’t look like this

      1 month ago