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The new Mini Cooper SE could be a really affordable EV after tax credits

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Yesterday, Mini Cooper announced the price of their all electric variant of the 3 door hatch - the Mini Cooper SE. It is priced at $29,900 plus a destination and handling fee of $850. This is all well and good.

..it could be as cheap as $20,000 with federal and state tax credits..

For a daily driver this could be the best EV option. Yes, its range is between 146-168 miles (WLTP, EPA is not yet announced), it is not a Tesla, but, you get a lot of comfort and luxuries that come standard that other EV manufacturers have as options.

But, here is the thing, in the USA you get Federal Tax Credit, which buyers of EVs have access to the full amount. Along with this states have their own seperate incentives and once these are combined with the federal tax credits, a buyer of the SE could get the new more than adequately equipped base model for under $20,000. Which is a brilliant option considering this would be a pretty good daily drive.

When you get an EV that is under $20,000 new and well equipped base model, to use as a daily drive, this is a brilliant option to the Model 3.

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