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A quick look at a gem found exploring the touges

4y ago

While spending the day with the guys at Fun2Drive, we kept noticing that there was an awful lot of NSX’s driving around that day.

I mean, it kinda expected to see something like the 1st generation NSX’s roaming around on the touges. Here, you can find people constantly charging up and down the touges for spirited drives – however we weren’t only seeing 1st generation NSXs.

For whatever reason, we kept spotting the new NSX – The second generation torque vectoring, all wheel drive, 3.5L twin turbo V6 Hybrid NSX. Wow that’s a mouthful.

As we approached one of the multiple Mt. Fuji viewing spots, we spotted this red NSX parked alone and before I had realized it, I had already shouted to Adam: “Pullover!”

Fortunately, Adam was already one step ahead of me and quickly pulled off the road nearby. With business cards in hand, I quickly asked if it would be ok if we could join them in taking pictures and happily, the owner said yes.

Seeing the second generation NSX online and in countless automotive reviews doesn’t do it justice when it comes to styling. Yes, I agree to the fact that if it looked closer to the 1st generation NSX it would have been better for whatever reason – however as it stood nearly inches away from me in the wild, ‘stunning’ was the only way I could describe it

Designed with the sole purpose of airflow management, the styling of the new NSX – which they call ‘Purity of Form’ looks like something that…well.. It’s something rather special.

Curves, angles, cuts,vents and the overall styling help manage the airflow from the front which is used to cool the twin electric motors unit. The air then travels all the way to the large rear intakes which are needed to cool the longitudinally mounted V6 engine and twin turbos.

Incredibly slender A-pillars increase driver visibility while floating C-pillars help send air to the engine vents

Everything you see designed on the new NSX is for pure functionality- manage airflow to help cool critical components and reducing aerodynamic disruptions which helps keep the car firmly planted to the road – something I can see greatly needed as it carves down the back roads of Hakone’s mountain pass.

19 inch custom Honda wheels wrapped in 245 tires in the front

And a rather large 305 set in the rears. Then again, when you can hit 60mph in under 3secs …

I’m not sure if I like the front more.. Or the rear more.

I could have stayed there all day admiring the new NSX, thinking of what I could tell the owners to let me take the car to a different location and do a full blown spontaneous shoot. However, we had to keep going or else we wouldn’t have had enough time to finish what we were there to do in the first place.

Before I conclude, I want to go back to the fact that since the second generation NSX doesn’t have any resemblance towards its predecessor whatsoever, these styling cues have caused a lot of people to criticise the way it looks. Ok yes, a lot of people have also criticized the NSX saying it is more computer like than a new GT-R but since I haven’t driven or road around in the NSX, I can’t honestly speak on that front ( If someone is willing to let me drive their new NSX so that I can talk more on this part, please send us an email ASAP ^__^ )

I think if the new NSX did look a little bit more like its predecessor and established some type of lineage – ie ditch the hybrid system and the turbos – more people would love the NSX. Until I can spend more time with it, I’ll leave my opinions besides the ones I’ve stated above out it. But in the meantime, lets play a little game (in the creepy Jigsaw voice)

If you have to pick and drive one right now, which would you pick- The new or old NSX?

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