The new Porsche GT3 looks set to retain its extreme rear wing

The prototype has been spotted testing at the 'ring, complete with whacky motorsport-style rear wing.

28w ago

While we are still a few months away from the launch of the 992 GT3, it seems that the initial prototypes of the 992-era GT3 RS have been spotted at the Nurburgring circuit on test. Multiple clues point to this being the coveted Rennsport (RS) model, which should excite Porsche fans everywhere.

The development lifecycle seems to fall in line with that of the 992 for starters. Visual clues such as the air vents on the front wings also appear very RS-like in their appearance, along with the incredible swan-neck rear wing which looks more suited to a GT3 vehicle than a road car.

Given that the 'standard' 992 GT3 model has been spied with a wing to rival that of the 991 GT3 RS, it wouldn't be too much of a surprise for the RS model to have such an extreme rear wing.

Both the 'standard' GT3 and GT3 RS look set to keep the swan-neck wings for the production versions, subject to getting through any legal issues that may present themselves. The idea behind this type of mount is to boost downforce on the rear of the car, since the air is moving faster underneath the wing that on a conventionally-styled spoiler.

The central exhaust tips are likely linked to the usual n/a flat-six engine, and the soundtrack of the GT3 models that have been spotted testing appears to confirm that. Expect to see the 4l flat-six developing well in excess of 500hp, with the RS model having an increase of at least 20hp above the standard GT3.

The dedication to chasing lap times and track days with the RS model does mean it won't be offered with a manual, however. That being said, Porsche's PDK 'box is sublime, and should keep hardcore track day lovers very happy indeed.

Interestingly, there appears to be a charging point on the right-hand fender of this car. Porsche have previously confirmed there will be an electrified (hybrid) version of the 992 911, it is unlikely to feature on the GT3 or RS models. The weight alone would exclude the RS, as it is a stripped-back, performance-focused model.

The hybrid version is also not expected to break cover until the mid-life cycle revamp of the 992, which is still a few years away yet.

Whatever happens, let's just hope that the GT3 and RS both get to keep the insane wings they've been spotted with.

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