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18w ago


If you have been sat under a rock for the past couple of days, you may not know that Porsche finally revealed the new Speedster has been given the green light. The car is based on a Porsche GT3, however, it has had the roof chopped off and at the same time gained an extra 10hp bringing it up to 503bhp and a new (needed) lighter exhaust which should howl. Porsche has stated that they will only make 1948 models to celebrate the company's 70th birthday. If you want one it will cost you a cool £211,599 without options. As typical, Porsche wants you to tick the options box and one particularly attractive option is the visual Heritage Design pack (as seen above) which will add a further £15,302 to the cost for one option. I will be surprised if any of the lucky Speedster owners will actually tick no options and keep it at the base price. I mean if you've got the money to buy the car in the first place, surely a £15k option won't hurt too much.

Having said that, the problem I have with the car is that it would be an amazing car to drive and experience, but would I want to own one in the U.K? Probably not. For example, the car does thankfully have a roof so you could say it would be drivable in the U.K's woeful weather, however, would you really want to daily drive your limited edition £200k Porsche and take it out in rubbish weather. Plus, the roof isn't fully electric, as it still entails a bit of manual labour to put the roof up and down and I wouldn't want to be that guy stood on the side of the M25 trying to put up the roof of my £200K+ supercar while everybody drives past laughing.

So far the Speedster doesn't seem like that good of a proposition to use on a regular basis out on British Roads. So I guess you could use for track use only-but why would you? The car in which the Speedster is based, the Porsche GT3, is a much more capable track weapon than the Speedster and a £100k cheaper, so surely you'd just use buy a GT3 if you wanted a track car? Likewise, you wouldn't want to thrash your limited edition Speedster around the track as firstly, you'd be absolutely terrified if anything was to happen to it and secondly you'd be fearful of losing money on the car's value by pushing it hard and putting miles on it.

So in reality, I think most Speedsters will only be used for one thing which is sitting in the garage looking pretty while attached to a trickle charger. This is a great shame as these would be very cool cars to see on the street or track but in reality, owners probably won't do anything with them as they'd be too fearful of the value of the car. This was the case with the Porsche 911R as many of them were sadly not used for what they were built for and instead just sat gaining ridiculous amounts of money. Although I am a fan of the Speedster I don't think I will be seeing one anytime soon on the road.

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