The New Range Rover Evoque Has How Many Optional Extras?!

TL;DR - bloody loads.

2y ago

Range Rover has recently revealed the brand-new Evoque and, although it doesn’t look very different, most of it is new. There are countless technical innovations – including the super-clever Clear Sight rear-view mirror, essentially a camera screen that makes the things or people in your back seats invisible. And there’s new, exclusive textile options if you’re disgusted by leather.

But most of the things you want are buried in the extensive options list. That got me thinking, so I’ve done the hard work for you, and counted the number of individual options to pick from. More on that later.

Starting point

I’ve started with the entry-level Evoque, which’ll start from just over £31,500 in the UK. Just because it’s a luxurious Range Rover, don’t expect front fog lights, auto emergency braking, sat nav or smartphone mirroring. They’re options, or available on more expensive models. Standard is a piddly 150bhp diesel engine, a manual gearbox and 2WD (the only one without AWD), but you can choose from seven powerplants up to 300bhp. Imagine that – a base-spec Evoque with relatively massive power.


If there are seven engine choices, imagine what the rest of the options list looks like. Next, you’ll choose from four more spec packs, 11 paint colours – one shade of red, or a sea of grey, black and silver – 9 alloy wheel choices ranging from 17-21 inches and five roof options. I’ve chosen Santorini Black paint, 20-inch diamond-cut alloys and a silver pano roof. Avoid the Black Pack and 17s unless you want it to look properly basic.

Then, choose from six dazzling headlight options, including Matrix LED headlights and Auto High Beam Assist. Another thing that should be standard, surely? But that’s not the worst bit…


Ready to be confused? Twelve different seat fabrics and colours are available on this model, ranging from boggo cloth, through many leather options, to premium vegan-friendly textile. Depending on which you pick, there are then up to 16 heated/cooled/massaging/memory variations. All in all, you have to choose from NINETY SEVEN individual seating options.

Once you’ve decided (and probably had a rest), you’re then faced with four headliners, four trim finishers, four steering wheel options, two display options (HUD and digi driver’s display), and three sound systems. Oh, and three fuel tank choices.

Optional Extras

What would you want in a car? You can probably get it fitted to an Evoque. The usual array of packs are available, providing driver assistance, park assist, convenience and better connectivity. Then, you’re presented with nine exterior, 11 interior, four infotainment and three extra driver assist options. If I were to list them, you’d be reading this article into the new year.

Either adaptive or configurable suspension is available, if you want that Gran Turismo tweaking-on-the-fly feel. There are a few sensible security and towing options, and eight convenience choices – including that Clear Sight mirror and a very wanky Activity Key worn on your wrist.

Land Rover Gear

As is common with luxury manufacturers, more options are available after you’ve got through the options list. Land Rover Gear features a choice of nine further exterior bits to splurge money on, and an incredible 41 interior options. Highlights include red aluminium gearshift paddles and a centre console coolbox.


So in total, you can choose from a staggering 291 individual options for your Evoque. The number of unique combinations must be absolutely ridiculous!

How would you have your Evoque? Show me in the comments!

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Comments (15)

  • I don’t really like how it looks it looks like a stubby fat R.R velar and imagine if it will have the same design on the convertible edition will look like it will look like a stubby fat R.R velar with its head cut off.

      2 years ago
    • I think the Velar styling is inevitable, but luckily there won’t be a convertible Evoque this time round. The current one hasn’t sold well at all!

        2 years ago
    • Mine is 1000000 times cuter than a VELAR

        10 months ago
  • This is better looking at the front compared to the new Velar, saw one this morning, it looks like it has a double chin...

      2 years ago
  • Was off road (no pun) 3 times in 6 months and engine/gear box awful so sold it and took hit just go get rid of it

      2 years ago
    • Horrible when that happens but you need to enjoy your car!

        2 years ago
  • Had a LRD sport and suggest as few options as possible as they will in all likelihood stop working shortly after purchase 😞

      2 years ago
  • I just traded my Jeep renegade for a 2018 EVOQUE ..white pearl detailing and black wheels large 18 inches. I had a 1968 and 1969 Land Rover in my youth and loved them. This is my new baby and it fits my tall boyfriends L0NG legs! I will keep it till another range rover tickles my fancy...drives beautifully! I’m 72 now so they best hurry...btw> this paint and. Gel coat are beautiful

      10 months ago