- T​he SCG 004C at the Nürburgring (Photo By Hide Shazero @studiozerode)

The New SCG 004C Was At The Nürburgring This Weekend, But It Was SCG's Team That Really Put On A Show.

Sometimes in the world of Motorsport, there are just unforseen complications that arise. It is the teams that rise to meet those challenges that will come out ahead in the long run. It is for that reason you should watch SCG in the upcoming The 24 Hours of Nürburgring this September.

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Not Your Typical Noise Complaint

The past weekend the SCG Team hit a significant snag getting the new 004C ready for the Nurburgring Race. Race officials had flagged SCG 004C race car for excessive exhaust Db levels, forcing the SCG Team to come up with a solution or withdraw from the event. Unwilling to give up on the race, SCG started trying to engineer a solution that would get the exhaust dB levels down to an acceptable range. Unfortunately, one of these efforts effectively broke the exhaust system causing hot exhaust gases to ignite an oil fire in the engine compartment. The fire caused extensive damage to everything from the firewall back. This coupled with the still unresolved exhaust dB level issue would have caused lesser teams to throw in the towel.


T​ear down of the SCG 004C after the oil fire in the engine compartment.

T​he Countdown Is On

T​o say the SCG team was traveling light for this event, might be an understatement. The team consisted of only 11 members, counting the drivers and the owner. If they were going to be able to get the SCG 004C ready for this event, it was going to take everyone, even the team's transport driver. Everyone had a hand in the rebuild process for this all-night effort. With just under 12 hours to tear down and rebuild the car from the firewall back it was a monumental task. When asked about the challenge, team owner James "Jim" Glickenhaus said, "Our 11-member put in a humongous effort overnight to rebuild the car. It is just another example of what a close-knit team we have at SCG and what we are able to accomplish."


T​he overnight rebuild of the SCG 004C

Making The Best Of A Bad Situation

T​here is no doubt that things didn't go smoothly for SCG at this event. Their challenges however, proved to be an opportunity for the SCG Team to demonstrate just how much camaraderie and talent there is within this close-knit group. What better way to show the world what the SCG Team is capable of then to overcome such a challenging setback. The genius of the SCG 004C's modular design was also on full display. The 004C's design was crucial in SCG's ability to rebuild the car overnight. Without either their talented team, or brilliantly designed 004C, they wouldn't have been able to compete as they did at this event.

What Did They Accomplish For All That Effort? Everything They Wanted!

I​t is easy for race fans to get caught up in the hype, especially when that hype is around a new car. If you are a fan, like myself, then you would have liked nothing more than to see SCG take an overall win or a class win. Alas, this isn't how these things typically work. This was only the 4th time the SCG 004C had been on the track. Of course, there are TBs and TBs of data collected on simulators but with this being the car's first time on the Nürburgring and certainly it's first event the expectations and the goals of the team are vastly different. SCG didn't set out to try to win this event. They were instead focused on collecting vital real-world data from the Nürburgring to further prep the car for the real event, The 24 Hours of Nürburgring in September. Of course, they also needed to get all of the necessary qualifications out of the way which they did successfully. All in all, when asked James Glickenhaus said, "For us, this was a qualifying event for The 24 hours of Nürburgring. Our intent wasn’t to try to win this event. With this only being the 004C’s first time on the Nürburgring, we wanted to get the car qualified and to hone the cars performance and we did that."

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  • These guys are awesome! They can do a car for pebble beach or Le Mans- amazing!

      27 days ago
    • Matt, I couldn't agree more. It's hard to consider them underdogs out there when they have a team that can pull this kind of stuff off. I am sure Jim Glickenhaus couldn't be prouder of his team.

        26 days ago